2011 “Most Popular” Automotive Key Blanks

More and more vehicle manufacturers are using transponder-equipped mechanical keys and keyless fobs to operate their new vehicles. There is also an increase in the number of vehicles equipped with higher security mechanical lock mechanisms including Tibbe...

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Jet Hardware has eight clonable transponder keys that come standard with codes already programmed onto them so that they can be used for cloning or device/on-board programming. They include transponder keys for General Motors, Honda, Mazda and Nissan vehicles.

There are different methods of programming a preset code transponder/circuit board key blanks to a vehicle. Some vehicles accept on-board programming when none, one or two already programmed keys is available.

Some vehicles can be programmed using a programming device without any additional information or procedures required. Some vehicles, such as Chrysler, require a P.I.N. that is either obtained from the programming device or must be obtained prior to programming. Other vehicles including some Nissan and Infiniti models require BCM conversion. The Body Component Module serial number is printed onto a label on the BCM. The serial number must then be converted to a PIN before a preset code transponder/circuit board key can be programmed to the vehicle.

If you own a programming device, know which vehicle you can program, as the unit is equipped. Knowing how the device operates will also determine the vehicle years, makes and models you are able to program. Manufacturer specific software becomes available as new models are introduced.

Note: For some vehicles, it may be more practical to clone a key if one is available, rather than program a key.


Generic and Logo Key Blanks

Some key blank companies offer multiple versions of the same key blank either by having only logo key blanks or a generic key blank and logo key blanks. To give proper representation, I have included lists of the company’s key blank offerings. For example, A 1 Security Manufacturing has six General Motors (+) key blank part numbers. There are one generic and five GM division logo key blanks including Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC and Pontiac. For the chart, only the generic GMX-100C part number is included. The list will contain all six of the key blank numbers.

If the company has only logo key blanks, I included only one key blank number. For example, STRATTEC Ford 40 Bit key blanks are available for Ford, Mercury and Lincoln. Only the Ford 599114 part number is in the list.


A-1 Generic GM PK3 Key Blanks

B99-GPT large head 75 PK3 no logo generic

B99S-PT large head 75 PK3 GM logo


A-1 Generic GM (+) Key Blanks

GMX-100C 93 groove generic

GMX-222C= 693126 93 groove Buick logo

GMX-272C= 692933 93 groove Cadillac logo

GMX-350C= 692932 93 groove GMC logo

GMX-380C= 692931 93 groove Chevrolet logo

GMX-381C= 693121 93 groove Pontiac logo


A-1 Generic Ford Key Blanks

H86-PT no logo Generic 8-Cut PATS III Encrypted

H86-FPT Ford logo 8-Cut PATS III Encrypted


STRATTEC Ford Key Blanks

Generic 598333

Ford Logo 597602


STRATTEC Ford Key Blanks

Ford 599114

Mercury 599179

Lincoln 691259



5903089 93 groove Generic

692931 93 groove Chevrolet logo

692932 93 groove GMC logo

693121 93 groove Pontiac logo

Jet Hardware GM Key Blanks

B112-CP-PHT 93 groove generic

GMX222CP-PHT 93 groove Buick logo

GMX272CP-PHT 93 groove Cadillac logo

GMX380CP-PHT 93 groove Chevrolet logo

GMX381CP-PHT 93 groove Pontiac logo


Jet Hardware Ford Key Blanks

J84-PHT 8-cut Encrypted TI generic

H84-PHT 8-cut Encrypted TI Ford


Non-Transponder Key Blanks

The non-transponder key blank chart lists the “must have” key blanks. They range from 40-year-old introductions to current applications. They have been listed as either plastic head or metal key blanks. If both numbers were provided, I included the metal key blank number. Stocking metal or plastic head key blanks depends on your customers’ preference.

Over the years, aftermarket key blank manufacturers have been developing clonable transponders and circuit board-equipped keys. The advantage of the clonable is the ability to “clone” additional keys that can operate vehicles equipped with transponder based engine immobilizers. Cloning has several advantages over programming. One advantage is the ability to make as many keys as the customer wants by duplicating the same code onto clonable keys. All vehicles have a limited number of transponder codes that can be programmed.

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