It’s A Miracle: New Miracle-A5 Key Machine From Keyless Ride

The Miracle-A5 key machine, distributed by Keyless Ride, can either originate a new automotive key by known cuts or decode cuts and originate from an existing key. One of interesting features of the Miracle-A5 is the capability of originating most types...

Using A Computer Or PDA

While all the required cutting information is contained in the Miracle-A5 memory and can be displayed on the machine LED screen, a computer program is included for operation on bluetooth-equipped desktop, laptop or PDA computers. The computer program provides an enhanced, easy-to-use visual representation of machine procedures. All information from the computer program is sent wirelessly by bluetooth to the Miracle-A5 machine.

New key cutting information is continually appearing.

When Keyless Ride updates are available, the new information can be downloaded to the owner’s main computer. An SD memory card located in the back of the Miracle-A5 can be temporarily removed from the key cutting machine and installed into an SD card slot on the owner’s computer for updating the new information.

The Miracle-A5 automated key machine is very simple to operate, but if there are any questions, help is on the internet. Videos on changing the cutter, how to hold shoulder or tip aligned keys and how to operate the decoding function smooth any rough spots there may be in using the Miracle-A5 key machine. With laser (sidewinder) keys appearing in large numbers on new vehicles, a laser key cutting machine is becoming an important piece of equipment for all locksmiths.

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