Boost Revenue With Decorative Hardware

Mixing and matching of Grade 1 commercial and lesser Grade residential door hardware is becoming a major trend in commercial (and even residential) projects. One reason for this trend, of course, is budgets. This has been the case in the multi-family...

In addition, the Schlage, Von Duprin, Ives, Glynn-Johnson and LCN brands have products that can be installed throughout the building. For instance, what about hinges and pivots to match the new door hardware? Someone is going to sell them. It might as well be you. Or pulls and push plates in a variety of models, sizes and finishes? Don’t forget about door stops, both the flexible and base versions. If an office building, do they need letter box plates on the doors? These types of products can increase sales. If you can help match the look with their other door hardware, you are one step closer to getting the deal. Promoting decorative hardware along with the traditional solutions can provide a competitive advantage.


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