State-of-the-Art Door & Electronic Access Control Make-Over

A small high-tech software firm had leased a new space and they needed to get things secured. They wanted their security put into place quickly so as to minimize losses, but also stipulated that the installation process could not interfere with the...

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No wiring is required to install King Cobra. It is battery powered and requires no external network connections or external electric lock since it's all on board.

The narrowstile King Cobra is suitable for new installs and retrofits, and is designed to be used with Adams Rite 4711 type latches and accessories, as well as many types of exit devices. A selection of Ives by Schlage offset pulls also complement the function of the trim.

The King Cobra is currently available as manually programmable only, meaning that all system administration (adding and deleting users and iButtons) must be performed at the keypad. Additionally, the King Cobra does not provide any type of audit trail (door usage activity reports, or listing of enrolled credentials/users).

The King Cobra also does not have an on board real-time clock, which means it does not support scheduling. The King Cobra, does, however provide a robust, reliable, and handsome piece of electronic security hardware that does a job and which clients find appealing. Up to 100 individual user codes may be entered right at the keypad and the system is based on a robust mechanical chassis with vandal resistant features such as the Vandalgard™ clutching lever.


Additionally, the aluminum door and frame upon which we were to install the system had, shall we say, issues. The door closer was leaking and the door was slamming.

Over the years, a variety of devices had been installed, including an electromagnetic lock (the armature was gone); a touch-sense bar (which was inoperative); an armored door loop (which was intact); a deadlatch with a lever and outside mortise cylinder (the latch was very worn and the lever had a hole drilled in it and a makeshift hook was attached with duct tape apparently to ‘dog down' the latch). Wiegand swipe readers were on the interior and exterior walls adjacent to the door as well as a REX station control.

We located an electrical closet on the second floor where the old access controller and power supplies were tucked away. This equipment was similarly jury rigged and showed signs of aging and overheating.


The customer accepted that the entire door system required a complete makeover, and he asked for our recommendations.

He requested that we reuse whatever we could of the existing equipment, but he also stipulated that he wanted the following features:

  • A latching lock which did not require battery backup to maintain door security in a power failure.
  • An exit device because the door was an emergency exit.
  • The ability to program the system the same way he was programming the CM 5100
  • A system that could be programmed through the software to unlock in the morning and relock in the evening and observe holidays.
  • Continued use of existing iButtons and
  • The system should be completed in a week.

Because the client wished to continue to use his existing iButtons and software, and also wanted to be able to unlock and relock on a schedule, we selected the Locknetics CT-1000 with a Locknetics iButton reader as the controller.


Locknetics CT1000 Universal Controller provides access control solutions for doors secured with electrified locking devices. The controller is managed by LockLink® and LockLink® Express software, the same software that programs the CM5100 series and other Locknetics systems, enabling comprehensive site management under one software.

The CT-1000 controller is standalone and hardwired access controller that operates on 12/24 VAC/VDC.

The CT-1000 supports a wide variety of card readers keypads and credential types. Readers and keypads are available for both narrow stile and single gang installations in Lexan and architectural finishes with and without keypads.

Universal controllers can be programmed and audited by the offline interface ports on the various reader and keypad models available from Locknetics.

CT1000 units provide 1,000-user and 1,000 audit trail events with SmarTime™ capability.


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