Keys have been the tool used for securing property for over 100 years. During the last decade other forms of credentials such as cards, PIN numbers or Dallas chips have also appeared in an attempt to supersede normal keys. All of these credential systems have one thing in common -- they can all be passed from one person to another. The most desirable credential is one which cannot be given away, duplicated, misplaced or forgotten.

One credential which meets the qualifications for individuality and personal usage is a fingerprint. It is always on hand (pun intended) and available for use. Fingerprint readers have gone through a long period of development. Early models were often costly, inaccurate or took an extended amount of time to validate a fingerprint.

Marks USA has just announced a new IQB fingerprint reading system which has been added to its iQue series of access control products. The IQB fingerprint reader has a capacity of 90 individual users. Additionally, nine electronic bypass keys are available for the small percentage of users who cannot have fingerprints enrolled due to injury, illness or genetic condition.

Validation takes less than two seconds after users insert their finger into a shrouded area atop the Marks reader unit. There is a false rejection rate of 0.1 percent and a false acceptance rate of less than .001 percent.

The fingerprint reader can operate in a temperature range of 5 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The reader is designed for high usage and daily exposure to touch and contaminates from hands. The reader sensor is scratch resistant and can be easily cleaned or wiped.


An interesting feature of the Marks IQB unit is that the fingerprint reader is a standalone unit and sends commands to the IQB lockset via wireless RF signals.

The reader is designed to be mounted on a wall next to the door containing the IQB lockset. Since no additional holes are drilled into the door, the installation of a Marks wireless fingerprint reader will not compromise the fire rating of the door system. The fingerprint reader requires a hardwired 12VDC power source.

A transmitter is included which sends RF protected signals to the IQB unit. A battery operated hand-held programmer is used to enroll persons into the system. For enrollment, set the two dials on the programmer to “0”. Next, insert the probe from the programmer into a programming port on the reader. Turn the dials to a new number between one and 90 as each person inserts their finger into the reader, then press the “add” button. For removal, set the dials to the desired number and press the “del” button.

A download cable device provides connections between the Marks fingerprint reader and a computer. Up to 1,000 events can be stored in the Marks IQB series locks and an optional software kit is available to view the audit trail.

Marks IQB series locksets are UL listed and available for cylindrical lock, mortise lock, tubular lock and rim exit devices. Lever handles meet ADA compliance for easy operation by handicapped persons. All IQB series lever handles are equipped with “the clutch” system from Marks to provide trouble-free service.

Finishes include US19 (black), US3 (Brass), US26D (satin chrome), US26 (chrome) and US10B (dark bronze). All models have a lifetime mechanical and 5 year electronic warranty.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Marks USA, telephone 800-526-0233, web site: