Installing a Sargent Electric Exit Device

The SARGENT 56-8813 electrified exit device with trim was installed onto a Curries hollow metal door.

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Step 1. Locate the template onto the interior side of the door with the chassis centerline at 41 inches above the finished floor.
Step 2. Mark the location of the four chassis mounting screw openings, the two trim thru bolt openings, and the opening for the rim cylinder and tailpiece from the ET Trim.
Step 3. Drill and tap four 10-24 holes to accommodate the chassis mounting screws.
Step 4. Drill two 11/32" diameter holes for thru bolting the ET Control to the chassis.
Step 5. Drill a 7/8" diameter hole through the door. Enlarge the outside diameter of the hole to 1-1/4" to accommodate the ET Trim.
Step 6. Mount the chassis onto the interior side of the door using the four flat head machine screws. Just snug the screws until the ET Trim and the rail are installed.
Step 7. Mount the ET Trim onto the exterior side of the door using the two 1/4"-20 x 2-3/8" Phillips flat head machine screws through the two center holes in the chassis.
Step 8. Depress the lift arm and slide the rail assembly onto the chassis.
Step 9. Attach the rail assembly onto the chassis using the two #8 Truss head machine screws.
Step 10. Locate the opening for the power at the end of the rail.
Step 11. Drill a 7/8" diameter opening to accommodate the ElectroLynx four-pin receptacle.
Step 12. Run the wiring from the interior side of the door through the Quick Connect Concealed Circuit Hinge.
Step 13. Slide the mounting plate into the end of the rail assembly.
Step 14. Use a lever to position the rail assembly.
Step 15. Drill and tap two #10-24 openings using the mounting plate as a guide.
Step 16. Install the two #10-24 x 3/4" Phillips round head machine screws. Test the mechanical operation of the exit device and the trim.
Step 17. Install the chassis cover and the end cap cover using the #8-32 Phillips head machine screws.
Step 18. Locate the position for the strike.
Step 19. Drill and tap two #10-24 openings using the strike as a guide.
Step 20. Install the strike using the two #10-24 x 3/4" Phillips head machine screws. Be sure to place one star washer per screw beneath the strike. Adjust as necessary to insure the exit device latches when the door closes.

The next step is to complete the wiring from the power supply to the 4293 to the electrified exit device. The negative wire is run from the power supply to the exit device. From this wire, a second wire is run to the negative for the keypad. The positive wire is run from the power supply to the positive for the keypad. From this wire, a second wire is run to the "C" for the keypad. A positive wire exits the keypad "NC" that connects to the exit device. See basic wiring diagram.

Power the exit device and test the operation. The default keypad code is 1-2-3-4. The default opening time for the SARGENT 4293 is five seconds. Read the instruction manual for the Wall Prox and program the device to accommodate the needs of the end-user.

Remember: Always change the default code.

SARGENT offers a variety of electrical products including power supplies and key switches.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or SARGENT Lock Company, 100 Sargent Drive, New Haven, CT 06511. Telephone: 800-727-5477. Fax: 888-863-5054. Website:

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