Vats Bypass Adaptors

The VATS-operated security system uses a modified ignition lock and key with a resistance pellet mounted into the shoulder.

VATS and PASSKey I/II, one of the pioneer anti-theft systems, is slowly coming to its end. For the 2005 model year, only one General Motors vehicle, the Buick Century, will be equipped with the resistor pellet in the key-based anti-theft system. That is for the non-fleet sales of General Motors...

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MAKE/MODEL Model Years
  1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Buick Century DS DS DS DS DS DS DS DS
Buick LeSabre S48 S48            
Buick Park Avenue                
Buick Reatta                
Buick Regal DS DS DS DS DS DS DS  
Buick Riviera DS48 DS48            
Buick Roadmaster                
Cadillac Allante                
Cadillac Brougham                
Cadillac DeVille DS48 DS48            
Cadillac Concourse DS48              
Cadillac Eldorado DS48 DS48 DS48 DS48 DS48 DS48    
Cadillac Seville                
Chevrolet Camaro S S S S S      
Chevrolet Caprice                
Chevrolet Corvette DL DL DL DL DL DL DL  
Chevrolet Impala                
Chevrolet Lumina S S S S        
Chevrolet Monte Carlo S S            
Oldsmobile Aurora D48 D48            
Oldsmobile Cutlass*                
Oldsmobile 88 S48 S48            
Oldsmobile 98                
Oldsmobile Toronado                
Pontiac Bonneville S48 S48            
Pontiac Firebird GTA                
Pontiac Firebird S S S S S      
Pontiac Grand Prix                

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