Vandal Resistant Installation

Combating vandalism was an important consideration at this retrofit install of a Detex Value Series exit device.

I was invited to the retrofit of the door lock hardware for a standalone employee bathroom in vandal-prone area where there were no public restrooms. The existing lock hardware was a keyed, storeroom function mortise lock with lever handles. An LCN 4041 surface-mount door closer completed the...

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Step 44. Slide the filler plate subassembly onto the extrusion. For this application, there would be no dogging capability.

Step 45. Mount the end cap and secure using the two #1/4-20 x 1" machine screws.

Step 46. Use the strike as the template to locate the three mounting holes.

NOTE: The jamb was concrete filled. To drill the mounting holes, a #7 pilot hole was first drilled just through the metal jamb. Then a #25 drill bit was used to enlarge the opening to accommodate the #1/4-20 x 1" Tek screw. Once the hole size was correct, a 3/16" diameter masonry bit was used to remove the concrete. Drill out the concrete around the opening as the TEK screw will thread into the jamb metal for attachment. Avoid drilling into concrete using a high speed steel drill bit. Touching the concrete will immediately dull the drill bit.

Step 47. Once the three holes have been drilled, install the Tek screws. Test the operation of the rim device. If necessary, adjust the position of the strike.

Step 48. Install the case cover using the four #6-32 x 3/8" Phillips head screws. Test the operation of the rim device.

Step 49. Install the core into the rim cylinder housing. Test the operation of the rim device.

Step 50. Install the two #6-32 x 3/8" Phillips head screws in the base of the end cap. These two screws stop the end cap from being removed when the door is closed.

To keep the Value Series exit device in optimum working order, basic maintenance, including lubricating the latching bolt and dead latch using lithium grease, is recommended annually or as required.

This installation required thinking in two different directions. In addition to controlling access, consideration was required on how to combat vandalism. Installing a higher security lockset with exposed levers would not necessarily provide a long-range answer. Instead, by installing an exit device, the latch mechanism was moved away from the door edge, making it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access. As the handle is not part of the lock mechanism, vandalizing the handle will not gain or restrict access. This may eliminate some of the temptation. In addition, the hardware on the exterior of the door is now stainless steel, which should have a longer operational life.


The following is a shopping list for the exit device, push/pull and kick plates, filler plates, and TEK screws installed for this article. Most, if not all, of these products can be purchased from your local locksmith wholesaler. If the products are not available, manufacturers' addresses, telephone, fax numbers, and web sites are included.

BBW 4" x 16" stainless steel Push/Pull Plate, Part number 1001-3-630.

Builder's Brass Works part of TRIMCO/BBW/Triangle Brass Manufacturing Co.), 3528 Emery Street, Los Angeles, CA 90023. Telephone: 323-262-4191. Fax: 800-637-8746. Web site:

Detex Value Series V4001 x LD x BP2 x 626 x 99 x 36 Exit Device.

Detex Corp., 302 Detex Drive, New Braunfels, TX 78130. Telephone: 830-729-2900. Fax: 830-620-6711. Web site:

Don-Jo Kick Plate, stainless steel, 10" by 34" and .050" thick.

The T-Strike and Scalp Filler Plates are available as a kit, part number FPK-86.

Don-Jo Manufacturing, 70 Pratts Junction Road, Sterling MA 01564. Telephone: 978-422-3377. Fax: 978-422-3467. Web site:

Best Rim Cylinder, Part number 1E72-52-RP-626.

Best Access Systems, 6161 East 75th St., Indianapolis, IN 46250. Telephone: 317-849-2250. Fax: 317-806-3276. Web site:

TEK #1/4-20 x 1" drill screws.

If your local locksmith wholesaler does not stock them, consider purchasing them from a commercial hardware supplier such as Grainger.

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