The Trine 3000 Modular Program

The Trine 3000 program helps the locksmith stock the right electric strike for any job.

Electric strikes (also referred to as electric releases) are making a big comeback in security management, gaining new levels of acceptance as end-users endeavor to protect their customers, employees, inventories and themselves against terrorism and crime. Security providers are realizing that...

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The Trine #3000 Modular Program makes it possible for the locksmith to stock his shop (or each service vehicle, for that matter) with a full complement of Trine strikes at a fraction of the cost and taking up a fraction of the space that an equivalent inventory of product would require.

The Locksmith Ledger's Enquiring Mind got the details on this revolutionary program from Trine engineering manager Fred E. Orbeta.

How many pieces are in the kit?

The kit has four different mechanism bodies available: 12VDC, 24VDC, 12 - 24 V AC/DC Fail Secure and 12 - 24 V AC/DC Fail Safe Mechanisms. There are 22 different faceplates available to work with these mechanisms.

How is it packaged?

The mechanisms are boxed and the faceplates are individually packed in plastic bags and five to a box. Included with the faceplate are the mechanism mounting screws, strike assembly mounting screws, shims, spacers, dust covers (for faceplates that utilizes them) and the instruction sheet.

All together, how many different strikes are possible from the kit, or in other words, how many door strikes would a locksmith need to inventory in order to have the same possibilities?

With 22 faceplates and four mechanisms, you can potentially cover 88 different combinations so rather than carrying 88 boxes of strikes, you can just carry 26 pieces in your kit.

Who do you envision would need one of these kits?

The distributors and installers would benefit because of the reduction in stock. The installers will benefit in many situations, for example if the installer arrives at the site expecting an ANSI strike replacement, if he has the kit, he is ready for any kind of strike replaced.

Please explain the LC option and the offset faceplate option.

Depending on the application, the installer will have to use the LC option. Typical situation would be when installing the 3000 on a 16V system or any other voltage between 12 and 24V AC or DC (for most of the time the installer does not need to worry about what voltage is available at the jobsite), also when reverse current surge protection is needed for the panel used to control the electric release.

Please explain the Offset Faceplate Option.

The offset faceplate makes it convenient for an installer to repair a sagging door or a frame misalignment problem. Rather than repairing the hinges, cutting/moving the electric strike on the frame the installer can just use the offset faceplate option.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Trine Access Technology, 1440 Ferris Place, Bronx, NY 10461. Phone: 718-829-2332. Web site:

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