A New Catch to Gate Lock.

Locks that open, unlock or lock gates from either side of the fence.

Step 9. Install the two screws through the edge of the keeper. Snug, but do not tighten these screws.

Step 10. Adjust the horizontal position of the keeper towards the fence post using the adjustment screw. The keeper must be adjusted to the stop for the gate to close and the lock to latch.

Step 11. Adjust the vertical position of the keeper, making sure it is centered within the face cover. The gate must close smoothly and latch.

Step 12. Tighten the two screws to secure the keeper onto the edge side of the fence post.

Step 13. Adjust the keeper forward to uncover the face screw.

Step 14. Tighten the face screw.

Step 15. Once the three screws have been tightened, adjust the position of the keeper to the stop. Test to be certain the gate closes and the lock latches.

Removing/Recombinating Cylinders

The lock cylinders in the outside and inside levers can be removed and recombinated or replaced to accommodate the end user's requirements. Note that the inside lock cylinder has a much longer tailpiece than the outside lock cylinder.

To remove the lock cylinder from the exterior lever:

Step 1. Remove the lock from the gate frame.

Step 2. Remove the two 3-inch screws in order to remove the face cover.

Step 3. Remove the face cover from the lock.

Step 4. Pull the ring stopper off the lever spindle in the face cover.

Step 5. Remove the handle clip beneath the ring stopper.

Step 6. Lift off the lever assembly.

Step 7. Remove the two Phillips head screws securing the lock cylinder in the lever.

Step 8. Slide the lock cylinder out of the lever and service as necessary.

To remove the lock cylinder from the interior lever:

Step 1. Remove the two Phillips head screws securing the cover onto the interior side of the lock chassis.

Step 2. Lift off the cover.

Step 3. With the face cover removed; unscrew the Phillips head screw securing the lever assembly.

Step 4. Lift off the clip.

Step 5. Pull up on the lever to disengage it from the chassis.

Step 6. While pulling up, pull out on the lever, sliding it out of the chassis.

Step 7. Remove the two screws securing the lock cylinder in the lever.

Step 8. Slide the lock cylinder out of the lever and service as necessary.

Reassemble in reverse order.

The Z*LOKK locks provide up to 1/2 inch of vertical and 1/2 inch of horizontal adjustment. If movement of the gate or fence occurs later, a simple adjustment will normally correct the alignment problem.

As with all D&D Technologies products, the Z*LOKK Magnetic Gate Lock comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The company also offers an interesting selection of other gate, storefront door, toolbox and specialty products.

Gate security has always been a challenge. While padlocks and welded boxes are one answer, the ability to offer a more convenient and secure product without the need for cutting, welding or gate modification is well-received by the locksmith and security professional.

For more information, contact your favorite locksmith distributor or D&D Technologies USA Inc., phone (800) 716-0888 or web site www.ddtechglobal.com.

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