High Pressure Installation

SARGENT T-Zone and Do Jo Remodeler face plate installation.

Step 11. Depress the lever catch button and slide the outside rose onto the outer sleeve. Thread the outside rose onto the collar. Make sure the tabs on the rose plates align with the cut-outs in each side of the bearing assembly. Do not tighten the rose.

Step 12. Adjust the position of the Remodeler plate using a level.

Step 13. Install one flange head Tek screw to secure the Remodeler plate.

Step 14. Tighten the outside rose using the supplied installation wrench.

Step 15. Install the three remaining flange head Tek screws through the Remodeler plate.

Repeat Steps 10-15, installing the Remodeler plate onto the inside of the door. The only difference is there is no lever catch on the inside sleeve. When completed, continue with Step 16.

Step 16. Mount the inside lever onto the inner sleeve. Install a set screw into the lever using the 1/8" hex wrench. The hex setscrew secures the lever to the inner sleeve. Test the operation of the inside lever.

Step 17. Depress the lever catch button and slide the outside lever onto the outer sleeve. Test the operation of the outside lever.

Note: If the lever catch button will not depress, insert a straight-slot screwdriver through the outside lever into the cylinder tail piece slot and rotate 45 degrees.

Step 18. Slide the tail piece into the rear of the core. The tailpiece is necessary for the core to operate the lock mechanism.

Step 19. Insert the control key into the core and retract the lug.

Step 20. Slide the core into the outside lever. Reverse rotation of the control key and remove. Test the operation of the T-Zone lock using an operating key.

Step 21. Tighten the two screws securing the latch bolt assembly. Check the operation.

The SARGENT T-Zone is available in 17 configurations and nine architectural grade finishes. For custom applications or colors, consult the factory.

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