Key Control Simplified

This personal security product from KEYSURE creates a whole new customer base for controlling keys.

Why choose this security system over others? It's easy to operate, is highly secure, uses no batteries, has no movable parts; and, it takes the mystery out of who has the key and who has access to it. It has security applications for the individual, corporations, and institutions.

The Keysure Tenant Key Control System is adaptable to any size building and has a wall-mounted cabinet and drawer storage systems to deal with any size building.

Keysure will custom make a cabinet, and offers a Videx locking system for those that demand electronic auditing technology.

Every year, a lot of money is spent on new cylinders and the re-keying of existing ones, which in turn deteriorate over time because of poor key management. Delivering new keys to the customer is not the end of the job. With KeyController at $ 5.99 suggested retail, every time you meet a customer is an opportunity to sell key control.

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