The GunVault gun safe and the Pro-Lok laptop safe fill growing niches in the safe market.

An example access code could be:

Step 1. Press button one
Step 2. Press button two
Step 3. Press all four buttons at the same time.

To program a combination:

Step 1. Enter the factory default code (or the current user code). The door will open. IMPORTANT: Leave the door open during programming.

Step 2. Press and hold the Learn Button for two seconds. The Learn Button is located inside the safe on the ceiling about three inches in directly beneath the second keypad button. The green LED will illuminate between the second and third keypad buttons. A beep will sound. The unit is in the Learn mode.

Step 3. Enter the new code. The LED will remain green.

Step 4. Press and hold the Learn Button for two seconds. The LED will turn red, and a beep will sound. Release the Learn button.

Step 5. While the LED is red, enter the new code again to confirm.

Step 6. Press and hold the Learn button for two seconds. Release the Learn button. The LED will flash green five times, and five beeps will sound. This indicates the new code has been accepted. If the LED flashed red five times and five beeps sound. This indicates the new code has not been accepted. Repeat the programming instructions beginning with Step 2.

The power requirement is eight AA alkaline batteries. According to the manufacturer, they provide one year of battery life under normal operating conditions. Warning: Do not use rechargeable batteries.

A seven-pin tumbler tubular lock with two keys is provided as backup in case of power loss. GunVault Gun Safes come with a one year warranty.

GunVault recommends lubricating the door hinge spring and latch loop at least once a year with quality oil.

For more information, contact GunVault, 216 South 2nd Ave., San Bernardino, CA 92408. Phone: 800-242-1055. Web site:

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