Things to Consider When Buying a Key Machine

Locksmith's need a variety of tools to cut today's keys.

Locksmiths use a variety of tools and equipment on a daily basis. Some of this equipment is generic in nature such as drills, bits, screwdrivers, chisels and hammers. Other pieces are specific to our trade. These items include follow tools, picks, shims and lockout tools. One piece of equipment...

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ITL offers three computerized code machines. The ITL9000 has more than 800 built-in manufacturer depths and spaces and works with most popular master key systems. New codes can also be added. It uses a serial port to communicate with user systems. Sealed and pre-lubricated bearings offer repeatable accuracy of 1/1000th of an inch.

An industrial version, the ITL9700 Code Machine features a carbide cutter, and four cut modes. A new Medeco Autoswing head is optional.

The ITL950C is a mobile code machine with over 500 codes built in, including most Domestic, Japanese and Korean codes. It will operate on 12VDC or 120VAC power.

For more information on ITL key machines and tools, call (888) 264-6627 or


Kaba Ilco Corporation offers more than 36 key machines, with choices ranging from the simple to the extreme. The selection of machines was greatly enhanced with the addition of the Silca line.

The popular Bravo III (Photo 15) is a semi-automatic duplicator with four-way reversible jaws and wide spacing between the vise jaws to accommodate long and large headed keys. It has a micrometer-type cutter guide adjustment system and a carriage release button that will only activate when the key gauges are in the down position.

The Nova 2000 (pictures on p. 16) is a basic duplicator for both center-milled and side-milled high security auto keys. It will also duplicate dimple-type keys. Accessory adapters enable the machine to duplicate other high security key types.

The Quattrocode is a computer operated key machine with many automated functions. It can decode a worn sample key, compare it to an on-board database and automatically adjust to factory original lock specifications. Included popular high security code series are stored on-board for cutting keys by code.

For more information on Ilco key machines and tools, call (252) 446-3321 or visit


PRO-LOK rescued an old popular key machine from certain death. Sold under various names including Codemac 101, Keymak, Automatic Security Machine, City Punch, Armbruster and a few others, the PRO-LOK BP201 is better than the original. In about 1994, Pro-Lok bought the rights to and began reverse-engineering a machine that would become the Blue Punch. (Photo 17) The BP201 is sold in 12 versions. Manufacturers supported include Arrow Flexcore, Corbin C70, Dexter/Master, Falcon/Weiser, I/C A2, I/C A3, I/C A4, Kwikset, Schlage (Obverse/Primus/Everest C/ Everest Primus), Schlage Everest B, Schlage Reverse and Weslock. The Blue Punch is a dedicated machine designed to cut factory original keys by code. After clamping, the depth slide provides accurate depths and the carriage advances automatically as the handle is pushed down. These portable, compact hand-powered machines can be operated in a shop, service vehicle or right at the customer's door.

For more information on PRO-LOK key machines and tools, contact them at (714) 633-0681 or visit


Rytan Incorporated offers four duplicators and two punch code machines along with a variety of specialized locksmith tools and equipment. The original RY100 universal semi-automatic duplicator is available, and the new RY2000 has been upgraded with the addition of new four-way vises, a new carriage, standard wire brush kit and a new cutter.

The RY256 ramm cuts standard and Medeco keys with its tilting head. The RY45 manual duplicator, like all Rytan products, is made in the United States.

The new RY2000 Extreme Punch comes in two versions. The RY2000 will accept up to nine different Quick Kits, one at a time. Cut Schlage, Schlage Reverse, BEST I/C, Dexter, Kwikset, Weslock, Weiser, Arrow and Corbin.

The RY2000 Dual Machine is allows you to set up the machine to cut two different manufacturers by simply changing one space bar. A variety of manufacturer combinations are available.

For more information on Rytan key machines and tools, call (800) 447-9826 or visit


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