Things to Consider When Buying a Key Machine

Locksmith's need a variety of tools to cut today's keys.

Locksmiths use a variety of tools and equipment on a daily basis. Some of this equipment is generic in nature such as drills, bits, screwdrivers, chisels and hammers. Other pieces are specific to our trade. These items include follow tools, picks, shims and lockout tools. One piece of equipment...

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The PC+ is a computerized code cutter/duplicator that uses make/model/year to identify the vehicle. The 3100 Key Duplicator is an automatic key machine that can also be used manually. The 2200 Key Duplicator is a semi-automatic key machine that is handle-operated. The 1100 Key Duplicator is a manual. The Curtis No. 15 Code Cutter is a hand-held key origination machine for vehicles, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. The No. 15 machine has interchangeable cams and carriages in order to originate keys for most automotive pin and wafer tumbler locks. In addition, Barnes Distribution offers a complete line of vehicle code books.

For more information on Barnes Distribution key machines, call 800-555-KEYS or visit


The Bianchi family tradition in security products began in northern Italy in 1770. In more recent years, the family expanded into key duplication and transponder servicing tools. Their range of products include the Bianchi 101 manual, Bianchi 102 and 104 semi-automatic and two versions of the Bianchi 303 and 304 high security duplicators. The Bianchi 303, 104 and 101 are shown left-to-right. (Photo 5) Weights of these cast iron machines range from 37 to 57 pounds, resulting in dependability under heavy use. "L" style jaw handles and reversible jaws are specifically designed to handle the longer, larger headed keys. The high-security machines feature three-dimensional calibration for greater cut accuracy. The 303 can be upgrade to a 304 by purchasing the 304 jaw assembly which includes tilting jaws and removable faceplates.

For more information on Bianchi key machines and tools, call (800) 891-2118 or visit


Frank Agius began locksmithing in 1959. After becoming frustrated with key making devices of the time, he designed a code machine for his own use. Framon now offers nine different key machine models including duplicators, code machines, and machines for cutting tubular, flat steel and high security keys. The Framon #2 is a manual code machine designed to handle standard cylinder keys, foreign and domestic automotive keys, as well as keys for motorcycles and padlocks. It can also handle letterbox, safety deposit, I-Core and high security commercial keys.

The FRA-2001 is a computer-driven code machine. The machine has no keypad, but uses a serial cable connected to your computer. Two servomotors and sealed ball bearings provide a smooth operation on both axes, cutting a six-pin key in about 15 seconds. A reversible vise, shoulder and tip stops are included.

The Sidewinder is a high security automotive duplicator. (Photo 7) It's designed to quickly and accurately cut Mercedes 2 and 4 Track, BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi and Saab keys. Four cutters come standard.

For more information on Framon key machines and tools, call (989) 354-5623 or visit


HPC offers at least 15 different key machines, including five types of code cutters, six types of duplicators and three types of tubular machines. Code cutters include the famous HPC1200CMB Blitz (Photo 8), the computerized Blue Shark stand-alone hand-activated robotic key machine, the 1200MAXAA Codemax computerized code machine and the 1200PCH Punch Machine. In addition, the 1200CMSB is the Switch Blitz combining a code machine and duplicator.

Duplicators include the 6666HQT fully automatic and 3344HQT semi-automatic machines. (Photo 9) The DM-500 Drill Mill utilizes a portable drill to provide power to the lightweight bench-mounted key duplicator. Tubular keys can be cut on the HPC/Scotsman 747XU Duplicode (Photo 10), 747E Econo Duplicut or on the TKM90 Pocket Cut-Up which requires no electricity.

For more information on HPC key machines and tools, call (847) 671-6280 or visit


Jet Hardware, an aftermarket key blank manufacturer, has been marketing key machines for more than 20 years. Jet has six different duplicators. The 7010 is a basic manual key duplicator, and the 7020 is a basic semi-automatic key duplicator.

The Jet 7060 Ultimate Extra Heavy Duty Semi-Automatic key duplicating machine is designed for commercial/institutional applications where hundreds of keys are duplicated a day. The 7080 Jet Deluxe key duplicator is a combination of a semi-automatic and automatic. The 7090 is a deluxe semi-automatic key duplicator. The 8000 fully automatic key duplicator can be operated manually for special applications. All of these key duplicators are furnished with M2 steel high speed cutters for long accurate key duplicating life.

For more information on Jet Hardware key machines, visit

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