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The latest offerings from Arrow, Assa, BiLock, Corbin Russwin, Kaba Peaks, Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Sargent and Schlage.

Arrow Choice Plus

The Arrow Lock Choice Plus interchangeable core system features a patented core with an exclusive mechanism operational only by Choice Plus keys. Choice Plus keys will operate competitive cores with the same keyway (A-Q); however, competitive keys will not operate Choice Plus cores. This feature allows dealers the flexibility to integrate Choice Plus cores into existing key (A-Q) systems, giving the user a higher level of security and key control. Choice Plus cores are available in 6- or 7-pin, combinated and uncombinated, standard and drill resistant. Choose from a variety of keyways: competitive keyways A-Q, Arrow 1C and 1D, or consult Arrow for restricted keyways. Choice Plus offers convenience and security.

For more information, call 516-704-2700 or visit www.arrowlock.com. Circle 421


Assa’s new CLIQ intelligent lock system gives control over all keys, which can easily be upgraded and tailored to suit any needs. Since every key has its own identity, it becomes the “personal property” of the key holder.

The key’s mechanical design creates the basic foundation made up of different security zones in the same way as in mechanical lock systems. The electronic programming of the keys gives authorization to individuals or to group of individuals.

CLIQ technology’s basic idea is the creation of an intelligent security system. That means a lock system that retains a high level of security despite upgrading, alterations or expansion. Even after many years of use by a continual flow of new tenants, new employees or changes occurring in the workplace, the level of security will remain the same.

For more information, call ASSA Inc. at 800-235-7482 or visit: www.assalock.com. Circle 422

BiLock D9

BiLock recently introduced a new high security system named D9. The product range includes mortise, rim, KIK, padlock and cam lock cylinders. There is no investment or minimum order required to participate in the program. The Sample Kit includes 21 different colored key heads, five sample cylinders and a key. The D9 system has two side bars and nine locking chambers. The BiLock D9 cylinders are available factory assembled with as little as one day lead time. All systems are registered to a dealer for key control and reorder authorization.

For more information, call 888-564-4656 or visit www.BiLock.com. Circle 423

Corbin Russwin Pyramid®

Pyramid patented cylinders by Corbin Russwin are the most secure locking system available, and are available in both high security and security versions that can be combined on the same master key system. One key can operate both cylinder types.

Pyramid high security cylinders are certified by Underwriters Laboratories to UL437 standards. They are recommended for installations requiring superior protection against picking, drilling and other surreptitious entry, ideally suited for educational and healthcare facilities, industrial and commercial buildings.

For more information, call 800-543-3658 or visit www.corbinrusswin.com. Circle 424

Kaba Peaks Global

Kaba’s new Peaks Global is a dealer exclusive patented key control system that provides each dealer with a unique keyway that is so exclusive there isn’t another one like it, anywhere on the globe. This gives you complete control over sales and service of your keyway – not just regionally, but globally.

Peaks Global’s three locking technologies (Pins, Peaks, and Discs) work together to provided added security. Peaks can be master keyed and retrofits nearly every type of commercial cylinder, including RIM, deadbolt, padlock, key-in-knob / lever, interchangeable and removable cores.

Peaks Global requires no special training and utilizes standard Peaks key cutting equipment. Peaks Global kits are available from participating distributors.

For additional information on Peaks Global, contact Kaba Access Control at 1-800-849-8324 or visit www.peaksglobal.com. Circle 425

Medeco Maxum & Passage

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