Key Control and High Security Lock Mechanisms

High security is a broad term, while key control is a level of security.

High security is a broad term. In our daily interaction with customers, we work with various types of security on various levels. Key control is a level of security. Keys are designed to protect people and property. Keys get the authorized people in and keep others out. When people lose their...

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Mul-T-Lock keys are handed with the grooves and cuts on one side of the blade. Each key contains a maximum of five double dimple cuts on each side of the blade. The keys enter the lock’s keyway horizontally, contacting the pins on the flat of the blade. The number of cuts varies depending upon the type of lock cylinders within a specific system. These high security lock cylinders are available as mortise, rim, key-in-knob/lever, and profile. The key-in-knob/lever cylinders are available with fixed or lazy cam tail pieces. They are available in three cylinder diameters to retro-fit into the different North American lock manufacturers lock hardware.

Cutting Mul-T-Lock keys requires the use of a special key machine to produce the double dimple cuts. This key cutting machine originates keys using two spindle mounted cutters.


Global Peaks provides enhanced security by employing three locking technologies. Pin tumblers are operated by the cut of the key. Peaks technology is operated by ‘peaks’ on the top and bottom of the key. Disc technology is operated by ‘wards’ built into the cylinder. Cylinders may be masterkeyed just like any standard cylinder.

Essentially this design creates three shear lines, making it more than three times more difficult to pick than cylinders with one shear line.

The new patented design gives locksmiths complete control of key duplication because authorization is required to order cut keys and to obtain key blanks and cylinders. Patents for Kaba Peaks Global will not expire until 2024.

Peaks Global locks are available to fit virtually every mortise, rim or key-in-knob application and retrofits virtually all Grade 1 and Grade 2 hardware. Peaks Global is not UL437 listed but rather conforms to the BHMA / ANSI 156.30M standard for contractual patented key control, master key ability, number of theoretical changes, cycle testing and various other destructive test requirements.


Extra security, exclusive end-user patterns, and patented key control are the main benefits of the Sargent Signature Series. The patented key design provides additional control against unauthorized key duplication, while the cylinder’s unique design resists attempts at physical manipulation. The Signature feature is offered in the majority of Sargent keyways to provide a solution to upgrading the level of control in an existing master key system. Signature cylinders retrofit into almost any Sargent lockset, as well as most commercially available brands of mortise locks and exit devices and are field serviceable.

Sargent Keso provides a factory controlled level of key control with a unique six-sided key design. The dimpled style Keso keys requires sophisticated key-cutting equipment. The unusual cylinder has three banks of pins that are extremely pick resistant. In addition, these three banks of pins enable multiple levels of master keying with no loss of security.

The Sargent XC (Extra Control) rounds out the family of cylinder products. The XC is a patented product available in many existing Sargent keyways allowing an easy, cost-effective backward compatible upgrade solution for existing key systems. Keys and cylinders are patented with keys available only through authorized Sargent distributors.

The XC Series incorporates a side pin mechanism working in conjunction with a specially milled key. The XC series is available in most SARGENT products, including Bored, Mortise, Auxiliary Locks, Exit Devices and Access Control products. Cylinder types include standard and Small Format Interchangeable Core.

The Sargent XC can’t be copied and supplied by others and can be cut to operate non-XC cylinders in an existing or new system. The keys can be field cut on standard key duplicating machines.


Prior to the introduction of Everest Primus, Schlage offered a high security cylinder compatible with their Classic obverse (C/CE/E/EF/F) keyways. This single offering was simply referred to as Primus. Since the introduction of Everest Primus, Schlage began referring to this original product as Classic Primus to help differentiate the two products.

The new product, Everest Primus, incorporates a new set of patented keyways with the proven Primus technology. The terms Classic and Everest describe the family of keyways that the product uses and the term Primus refers to the side bitting, finger pin and sidebar mechanisms.

While there are many similarities between Classic Primus and Everest Primus, there are some differences as well. Both products provide a high level of pick resistance and a means to help control unauthorized key duplication.

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