An Overview of Surface-Mounted Door Closers

For any door closer to be effective, the door and frame must be fully functional.

INTERNATIONAL offers a wide range of door closer products from the 650/680 to the 9000 Series. The popular 5000/5050 Series surface-mounted door closers are patterned after the Norton 8000 and Yale 3000 Series of door closers and can be ordered with or without the Dress Cover. They are commercial grade, adjustable spring door closers that comply with both ANSI standards for Handicap Accessibility (ADA). The dual valve door closer can be ordered as a base closer unit, or with either an adjustable backcheck feature or a delayed action closing feature, controlled by a separate regulating valve. The International Limited Warranty varies by specific product offering.

JACKSON offers a line of overhead concealed and floor door closers with a 10-year warranty. The Adjustable Spring Power Series replaces the standard 20-330 Series and is a non-handed, single- or double-acting closer for center-hung or offset applications. It adjusts from sizes 2 through 4 and meets ADA requirements of interior doors at five pounds or exterior doors at 8.5 pounds. The new 400 Series floor closer features interchangeable spindles to allow one closer to accommodate a variety of floor coverings and applications. The 900 Series floor closer is fully adjustable to handle doors up to 1000 pounds.

LCN makes a wide range of door closers. The LCN Quest is designed for use on aluminum, hollow metal or wood doors and frames and can be used with hinge or pivot mounted doors. Adjustable in size from 1-5, its cast iron construction uses forged steel components and meets ADA requirements. The peel-and-stick mounting template combines with the Rapidor bracket to reduce installation time. Other closers include the 4000 series featuring adjustable backcheck cushion, separate closing and latching regulation and a reversible shoe to boost latching power. They are available in a wide range of standard or optional powder coated finishes as well as plated finishes to match architectural hardware requirements. LCN 4000 and 1000 Series door closers feature a 10-year warranty.

NORTON 1601 Series closers are adjustable from sizes 3 through 6. 1700BC adjust from sizes 1 through 4. The 7500 Series is adjustable from sizes 1-6, available in hold-open and non-hold-open styles and offers regular, parallel and top jamb mounting options. Other series include the 7570 Series, 7700 Series, 8100 Series, 8300 Series and 8500 Series among others. A full complement of accessories and security options are also offered. Norton closers are covered by a 10-year limited warranty.

RIXSON has a large selection of commercial grade door closers that include overhead concealed closers, heavy duty floor closers, shallow depth floor closers and specialty closers. The Model 25 is a standard depth floor closer with adjustable closing speed and built in backcheck cushions opening from 140 degrees to 180 degrees. This single-acting closer is designed for doors up to 350 pounds and is available with a variety of options. The basic Model 27 handles doors up to 450 pounds and has a built-in positive dead stop that prevents the door from swinging beyond the specified/desired opening degree. Separate and independent valves are provided for closing speed, latch speed and backcheck. Rixson offers a 10-year warranty for the 25/26, 27/28 and 30/40 Series.

SARGENT door closers include the 281 Series Powerglide, a Grade 1 unit that meets ADA requirements and is adjustable from sizes 1 through 6. The cast iron body provides strength and wear resistance and the closer carries a 10-year warranty. A wide selection of arms and accessories is available. Other closers include the cast aluminum 351 Series, 1430 Series, 1130 Series and 1331 Series. The cast aluminum closers offer a variety of mounting options, cover choices and accessories.

YALE 3000 Architectural door closers feature staked valves, self-drilling/self-tapping mounting screws, rack and pinion design and a complete range of arm and cover options. The Grade 1 closers are ADA compliant and come with a 10-year warranty. Adjustment is achieved through separate latch, sweep and backcheck valves. Delayed action is an available option. The 400/4400 Series is designed for commercial applications. They are non-handed, Grade 1 and are adjustable from sizes 1 through 6. All standard arm applications allow doors to swing to 180 degrees, conditions permitting.

For more information on door closers and their specific applications contact your favorite locksmith distributor, factory representative or manufacturer.

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