Expanding Biometric Applications

Biometrics are replacing the traditional methods of tracking time, attendance and access control credentials.

Like many other technologies, biometric devices offered today are products that came about thanks to commercial companies capitalizing on military research and development. Processes currently used to safeguard top secret military and government facilities that have migrated into the public...

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  • Portable template stored in HID iClass smart card or stick-on patch
  • Same iClass credential works on Zodiac and full range of iClass Readers
  • 26 to 64 Bit Wiegand or Magnetic Stripe output
  • Wiegand line encryption option available
  • User capacity of reader is unlimited
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • No extra communication wiring
  • Built-in visual and audible Indicators
  • Fast, accurate and easy to use
  • Quick and easy centralized enrollment
  • Compatible with all access control systems

For more information, contact CANSEC Systems Ltd., 3105 Unity Drive, Suite 9, Mississauga, ON L5L 4L2 Canada. Telephone: 877-545-7755 or 905-820-2404. Fax: 905-820-0301. Web site: www.cansec.com.

FaceKey Standard Biometric Access Control System

The FaceKey Standard Biometric Access Control System combines face recognition and fingerprint recognition to provide the highest level of security. There is no need for cards, keys or keypads. The combination of two biometrics makes it possible to have security with an error rate-approaching zero.

Each unit of the Biometric Access Control System can control up to two doors and multiple units can be networked to connect multiple doors at multiple sites – in the U.S. or internationally.

The FaceKey Standard Biometric Access Control System integrates a controller with a fingerprint reader and camera. Readers that accept proximity cards, swipe cards or keypads can be added for an additional charge. A standard UPS protects against power failures.

The system uses technology to identify an individual based upon both his or her face and fingerprints.

The system works by converting information about the individual’s face and fingerprints into a unique code.

Users register or enroll into the system by recording their facial and fingerprint patterns. As the user approaches the door, his or her live face and fingerprints are matched with the stored patterns. Face recognition requires proper lighting at each access point.

When access has been granted, the unit will produce a signal to open the door and the name of the user, the location and the date will be logged. If an unauthorized person attempts access, the door does not open and that event is recorded as an “unknown user.” If an enrolled user attempts to access a location that he or she is not authorized to access, that person’s name, the location and the date will be logged.

If communication with the server is lost, the controller will continue to identify authorized users, grant access and record the events. The server will be updated with information collected at the door when communication is restored.

Features include:

  • Combination of two biometrics for the highest levels of security available
  • Each unit accommodates up two bolts, two door strikes or two magnetic locks
  • Steel tamperproof enclosure
  • Connects to network or used as standalone units
  • Up to four programmable time slots in a 24-hour day
  • Business operation features
  • No practical limit to the number of units/doors
  • Proximity or swipe cards or PINs can be added
  • Server utilizes Microsoft Access or SQL database, client utilizes Microsoft Access database
  • All events are recorded (audit trail)
  • If communication with server is lost, users will be identified, access granted and events recorded
  • System operated by FaceKey – Manager software

FaceKey EntryGuard™ Time and Attendance System

Use of the EntryGuard™ Time and Attendance System will deliver significant ROI. While accuracy and ease of use have their own payback, the use of our innovative biometric technology will eliminate “buddy punching” and quickly reduce losses to the bottom line from fraud.

The advanced features of the EntryGuard™ System provide today’s manager the best of all worlds: accurate information which reduces payroll reconciliation errors, provides correct time to be fed into the payroll system and ensures that the company is getting the hours it is paying for, all at a cost effective price. Other intangible benefits cover such areas as the ability to have correct time and labor data without conflict and to be fair to those employees that are already delivering the hours being paid for.

The EntryGuard™ System can be networked to interconnect multiple time clocks or sites. Each time clock is TCP/IP addressable and utilizes multi factor authentication.

Each unit can be configured to identify authorized users by their fingerprint only, fingerprint and ID code (system generated) or ID code and PIN.

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