Distributor Survey

Locksmith distributors answers questions about the present and future of their industry.

As part of our annual Know Your Distributors coverage, Locksmith Ledger sent a questionnaire to a sampling of different locksmith distributors of varying sizes and in different regions. Our questions included:

Where do you see your company going in the next five to 10 years?

How has your role as a locksmith distributor changed in the last 10 years?

What types of new products have you added to your inventory in the last 10 years?

Has there been a purchasing change by the locksmith? What types of products are different?

What do you see as the overall direction of distribution?

A few conclusions can be drawn from our admittedly unscientific poll. First, all the distributors commented that they are taking a more active role in training locksmiths on their new product lines. And despite the prevalence of Internet ordering, they all stressed the added value of personalized, knowledgeable customer service. Distributors are stocking a wider variety of brands and product lines to help the locksmiths meet offer their customers’ complex needs. Access control and automotive were cited in particular as growth markets.

Thanks to the distributors who took the time to answer our questions. Their responses are listed below in alphabetical order.


Accredited Lock Supply is currently in its 32nd year of operation. We have gone through three phases: locksmith shop, wholesale distributor, and now in addition to wholesale distribution, a provider of locksmith education in our newly constructed training center.

With the increasing advent of licensing laws requiring ongoing education, and with the ever advancing technology, the locksmith must cope with or sink, we feel that providing factory training is a service that the locksmith must have. Our training center has classes scheduled just about every Thursday, and whenever else we can get a factory to send someone in. The schedule is on our website (www.acclock.com), and Teresa is the coordinator.

Our wholesale distribution continues to grow. We keep adding suppliers, staying abreast of the advances in automotive technology, access control, CCTV and other areas of growth in our industry. Our SKU count keeps increasing, now standing at approximately 68,000.

We believe in stocking lines in depth, so the locksmith can be sure of getting what they need when they need it. When we took on the Schlage Accent line, we stocked EVERY function in EVERY style in EVERY finish, over 1400 SKU’s in this line alone.

Our new catalog has increased by another 32 pages, up to 624. This, while simultaneously deleting approximately 25 pages of older, obsolete lines, makes for about 55 new pages. And we still stock much more than our catalog shows.

Our major project for this year is implementation of a more robust software package to operate our company on, including a full shopping function website. We hope to have this running by the end of the year.


Key Products is an established distributor with a corporate heritage that dates back 60 years. Key Products is positioned to serve customers nationwide from our 70,000-square-foot warehouse located in Columbus, Ohio. Our warehouse utilizes a computerized random location system which features simultaneous picking from multiple zones; this state-of-the-art shipping system makes it possible to effectively ship over 1 million line items annually, allowing between 500 and 2000 packages to be routed per day. All of this simply means that our customer gets a fast turnaround on all orders. This coupled with a 97 percent fill rate equals service that helps you keep the edge on your competitors.

Key Products continues to partner up with today’s locksmiths and manufacturers creating the necessary strong relationships and developing an extensive network of technical information that is passed on to our customers, as well as information about new products as they become available. By doing so we are meeting the needs of our customers. In order meet the needs of every customer we are staffed with Customer Service Reps and locksmiths that have extensive hands on and class room training.

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