Installing the SARGENT 7500 Interconnected Lock

We install the SARGENT 75G05 entrance double locking interconnected lock onto a mount.

SARGENT Lock’s new 7500 Line, ANSI 156.2 Series 4000 Grade 2 standard duty interconnected locks are UL Listed for three-hour Fire Doors and meet national and state fire and handicap requirements. The SARGENT 7500 Line has an escutcheon that interconnects the cylindrical lock with the...

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To install the cylindrical lock and deadbolt onto the door:

Step 1. Extend the deadbolt.

Step 2. Turn the tailpiece vertical.

Step 3. Place the deadbolt with cylinder housing onto the door face, making sure the tailpiece slides through the opening in the deadbolt.

Step 4. Place the inside mounting plate onto the door and secure deadbolt lock cylinder using the longer two of the four through-bolt screws. Do not tighten the screws.

Step 5. Insert the cylindrical lock body through the cross bore, securing the latch onto the lock.

Step 6. Secure the cylindrical lock using the two shorter through-bolt screws. Do not tighten the screws.

Step 7. Test the operation of the key to make certain the cylindrical lock and deadbolt operate properly.

Step 8. Slide the inside escutcheon onto the mounting plate making sure the driver tab slides into the slot in the cylindrical lock’s inside tube. Make sure rotating the inside lever causes both the latch and the bolt to retract.

Step 9. Secure the escutcheon onto the inside lock plate using the four provided Phillips head screws.

Step 10. Install the inside cover, making sure the tailpiece slides into the thumbturn. Test to make sure the lock operates.

Step 11. Install the inside lever. Test to make sure the lock operates.

Step 12. Tighten the four screws securing the latch and the bolt to the door edge.

The SARGENT 7500 Interconnected Locks are available in four functions: storeroom double locking, classroom double locking, entry double locking, and entry single locking. The double locking functions have keyed deadbolt and keyed cylindrical locks. The single locking entry has a keyed deadbolt and a passage function cylindrical lock.

A choice of three lever designs is offered. The “L” and “P” lever designs are non-handed, having a return within one-half inch of the door face. The “Y” Coastal lever design is handed. They are available in seven finishes. Split finishes are also available.

Keying options range from standard SARGENT to competitor keyways, interchangeable core, and several levels of higher security including SARGENT XC and SARGENT Signature key systems.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or SARGENT Lock at 1-800-727-5477. Web site:

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