ALOA New Product Spotlight

A roundup of many of the products that will be on display July 13-15 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Jet Keys
ALOA Booth 112
World of FAITH blanks featuring Pope John Paul II are now available as a set consisting of a brass key tag and Cross Key Blank. The key blank has the Cross punched through it. The keys are available in KW1, SC1 and WR5-PJP. The key tags are also available as a secondary item.

Also new are World of Entertainment blanks with the "Simpsons" ® in our "Big Bow" flip series, large enough to really see the characters. Jet now offers our industry "Spoo-Keys" - keys for the world of fantasy. Blanks are available in KW1/KW11 and SC1-756 through 760. Circle 448

Kaba Access Control
ALOA Booth 101
Kaba Access Control introduces the E-Plex 2000 series to its E-Plex brand of electronic access control. The E-Plex 2000 is an economical solution for access control combining the strength, simplicity and reliability of our industry leading Simplex locks with the enhanced security and convenience of electronic access control.

The E-Plex 2000 has 100 access codes. It is programmed at the lock keypad without using any software. Installation is quick and easy as there are no wires to, or through the door, eliminating the risk of damage from pinched wires. Circle 449

King Cobra by Schlage
ALOA Booth 201
Schlage King Cobra 2 and SNAP programmer takes access control management to a whole new level - a simpler one. Schlage KC2 Locks deliver enhanced mechanical and electronic lock performance. They are battery powered delivering 80,000 cycles and can be programmed directly at the lock keypad or by using the new, intuitive Schlage SNAP programmer. Capacity is up to 1000 users and audits.

iButton credential reader allows for increased security by taking access beyond a simple pin number. Vandal resistant lever resists abuse. Full mortise cylinder allows for re-keying into any existing master key system. Circle 450

Lucky Line
ALOA Booth 104
The best way to organize multiple keys for people who prefer to carry the keys with them—apartment managers, property managers—is by using the Lucky Line File-A-Key system. The binder includes three File-A-Keys, labels and tags. Circle 455

Kustom Key
ALOA Booth 1011
At ALOA 2006, Kustom Key is featuring Prograde, a new line of entry locks. Affordably priced for the Locksmith Professional, these locks have been receiving excellent reviews for dependable quality and easy to rekey cylinders. Currently, Prograde offers traditional style Grade 2 Locksets, including a lever set, as well as Grade 3 Residential Locksets. All are available in a variety of popular finishes and keyways. Circle 451

Lab Security
ALOA Booth 724
LAB's new Smart Wedge is 40 percent smaller in width (13 ¼ x 10 ½) than all of LAB's current Universal MOBILE series pin kits and features a side slide out tool drawer designed to keep the pinning work area open. Available in .003 and .005 universal pin increments, the kit features an "injection molded" insert tray with deeper pin pockets that can hold over 200 pins of a size and extra large spring pockets which can hold over 250 springs. A large tool pocket is located next to the pins on top of the tray for easy work access. Bolder and extra large pin identification is printed below the pin pockets. This kit holds the most commonly used sizes for all the major domestic lock manufacturers including three common sizes of spool pins, (J160, J165 and J180) and the new Schlage "F" series cylinder "T" pins and springs. The kit will also feature LAB's new "tangle resistant" .115 long and .115 short universal springs. The Smart Wedge Passport Pin Chart® contains updated pinning information and features larger print for easy use. Circle 452

ALOA Booth 1110
LA GARD introduces its Biometric safe lock, SMARTPOINT. Utilizing Light Emitting Sensor Reader technology, the Biometric feature will be incorporated into our SMARTLINC™ product line.

By matching the Biometric feature with the SMARTLINC product line, LA GARD offers up to 10 Users (including Master and Manager) in a five (5) lock system, audit trail, lock bolt status monitoring, dual code, and dual fingerprint access. By removing the need for the additional key as a way of recognition, multiple drivers from the armored services will be able to enroll in the system for ease of cash pick-up. Circle 453

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