ALOA New Product Spotlight

A roundup of many of the products that will be on display July 13-15 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

ALOA Booth 301
CLIQ Technology offers software to interface with your computer and the programmer to keep track of all functions of the cylinders and keys. The Lock Chart shows the basic screen with the serial numbers keys on the left and the Cylinders on the right. The intersecting squares show the status of the key and cylinder. The Cylinder Audit trail chart shows the date and time a CLIQ key was inserted into the cylinder and the action the cylinder took with that key. This chart holds 250 transactions and drops off the oldest transaction once cylinder reaches 1,100 transactions in its memory. The Key Audit chart shows the date and time for every CLIQ cylinder the key was inserted into and the action the cylinder took when it received this key. This chart holds 250 transactions and drops off the oldest transaction once cylinder reaches 1,100 transactions in its memory. Circle 431

Arrow Lock
ALOA Booth 301
Arrow Lock and Door Hardware introduces the JL Series Interconnected Lock. Offering safety and style, the JL Series is specifically engineered for multiple dwelling applications. It is designed to meet Grade 2 requirements, UL Listed, and ADA compliant and easy to install–no mortising. The deadbolt and lever lock provide independent function outside – while the inside lever is always free and retracts deadbolt and dead latch for panic-free egress. Circle 430

Auto Tech
ALOA Booth 237
Auto Tech Security Systems introduces the Code Wizard, a device that stores digital fixed codes without the use of a computer or telephone connection. When used with the AT-888 cloning tool, it will generate fixed codes for hundreds of remotes. A simple three-step procedure takes less than five minutes to complete. The dealer retrieves the code from the Code Wizard, programs a new AT-555 clonable remote and then programs the remote to the customer's vehicle. Circle 432

Corbin Russwin
ALOA Booth 301
The same photoluminescent technology that helped guide World Trade Center survivors to safety is now available in a touchbar cover option for Corbin Russwin's ED4000 and ED5000 exit devices. Illuminated by exposure to ambient light, PathLite requires no wiring and provides a sustained visible glow. PathLite meets NYC building codes for exit path markings in buildings over 75 feet. Fire and vandal-resistant, PathLite offers a cost-effective life safety solution that is ideal for existing buildings. For information, visit Circle 437

ALOA Booth 725
Developed at the request of institutional and industrial users of four-dial combination padlocks, the Super Sesamee™ is a 4-dial all brass body Sesamee® padlock which has been super-sized for the industrial world. The Super Sesamee features a 7/16" Chrome Plated Molybdenum shackle available with 1" and 2" inside vertical shackle clearances, and with the body completely encased in a hardened steel full metal jacket which has been E-Coated for complete weather resistance. These two locks are the K636 and K637 respectively.

In addition, the new Super Sesamee series features the K646 model, a Super Sesamee with a full Shrouded Shackle for additional protection against bolt-cutters, saws and grinders. The highly protected K646 model has a 1" inside vertical shackle clearance. Circle 434

ALOA Booth 221
The CompX eLock® refrigerator kit is a keyless, standalone electronic access control system for cold storage. Each CompX eLock® comes with 250 user codes and a rolling audit trail of the last 1500 access attempts.

The eLock is available in five models with three access modes – PIN, magstripe track 2, and HID proximity. Circle 436

ALOA Booth 1231
The new CL460 narrow stile lockset is a mechanical lockset designed to work on narrow stile doors. Initially available for the Adams Rite latchbolts, a deadbolt version is planned for the near future. The CL460 is available with compliant levers or knobs with through-bolt trim, in PVD stainless steel finish only. The CL460 includes a standard mortise cylinder for key access and keypad lockout functions. Circle 435

ALOA Booth 833
The new VERSA key machine is a computerized code cutting key machine that cuts high security and dimple keys as well as engraves on the head of the key. A heavy duty locksmith's utility machine, the VERSA is equipped with four standard jaws that are designed to accurately position keys for automatic set-up and identification by decoding the original key and converting it back to manufacturer specifications.

Using specific tools, the VERSA customizes metal head keys with a variety of graphic and text styles according to a large selection of customer requests.

The VERSA achieves high quality cutting and fast duplication due to the industrial-type spindle that operates at 28,000 RPM. For dimple keys, VERSA produces a 3D cut through 3-axis interpolation. The machine includes two carbide cutters; a 2.5mm for car keys and the second with a cutting tip of 90 degrees for cylinder keys. Circle 433

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