SDC Exit Check Helps Business Fight Crime

Security Door Controls, Model #1511S Exit Check Delayed Egress Emlock combines features of several different models and adds code compliance at a new lower price point.

In a not so unusual move, the client contacted our locksmithing business after becoming a victim. They were not sure if it was a robbery or a larceny, but they were very sure they were out $10,000. The door was unlocked to the premises, and the money was apparently taken after business hours...

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TRIGGER TYPE: The trigger type is selectable to "REMOTE" or "INTERNAL." Selecting INTERNAL mode uses the internal trigger sensor to activate the Exit Delay cycle. Selecting REMOTE mode disables the internal trigger. Activation of the Exit Delay cycle is triggered by an external exit device equipped with a normally open contact switch.

POWER-UP OPTION: The power-up option, indicating the state of the ExitCheck upon restoration of system power, is selectable to "unlocked" or "locked." In the locked mode, the ExitCheck will attempt to reset to secure mode. In the unlocked mode, the ExitCheck will remain unlocked and the digital display will indicate two horizontal bars "--". Turning the reset switch momentarily to the reset position will relock and rearm the door. This feature enables the ExitCheck to comply with code requirements in jurisdictions that require manual reset/relock upon loss and restoration of system power.

ALARM TYPE: The alarm type is selectable to "TONE ONLY" or "VOICE." When secure, the ExitCheck digital display will indicate a 15-second delay time. Upon activation of the irreversible Exit Delay cycle, the digital display begins counting down to zero. In VOICE mode, the countdown will be accompanied by a warning beeping tone and verbal exit instructions. When the digital display indicates zero, the ExitCheck releases. The speaker output changes to a continuous warning tone and the verbal instruction announces "Exit Now." In TONE ONLY mode, the countdown will be accompanied by a warning beeping tone only, which changes to a continuous tone once the Exit Delay cycle expires.

MESSAGE TYPE: The message type is selectable to "MSG2" or "MSG1." MSG1: (Female Voice): "Facility staff has been alerted, door will open in 12 seconds...door will open in 5 seconds...exit now..." MSG2: (Male Voice): "Security has been alerted, door will open in 12 seconds... door will open in 5 seconds...exit now..." Both messages repeat "Exit now" until the lock is reset.


  • 1650 lbs. Holding Force
  • 15 or 30 Second Exit Delay when activated.
  • One-or Two-Second Nuisance Delay
  • 85dB Alarm Tone with Digital Display & Selectable Voice Instruction
  • Choice of Activation Trigger: Door Movement or Exit Device w/ REX Switch or Touch Sense Bar w/REX
  • Vandal resistant Proximity Sensor Trigger
  • Auto Sensing 12/24VDC input power
  • Connection for Tandem Option (Pairs of Doors)


  • DPS Door Position Switch
  • BAS Bond Alert Sensor
  • ATS Anti Tamper Switch
  • Energy Saver Option (1200 lb. Holding Force)


Auto Power-Up occurs when power is restored and/ or the fire panel is restored.

Manual Power-Up is a UBC & California Building Code Compliant feature. - Only after power restoration and fire panel reset may the lock be reset manually at the opening. Lock can be reset with the built-in reset key switch or, a key switch or keypad adjacent to the door.


  • REX Input
  • Fire Alarm Release
  • Remote Reset Input
  • Remote Trigger Input
  • Tandem/Slave Lock Input
  • DPS - Door Position Status (Optional)
  • BAS - Magnetic Bond Status (Optional)
  • ATS - Anti-Tamper (Optional)
  • Alarm Output
  • Lock Status Relay Output
  • Door Secure
  • Door Unlocked
  • Specifications
  • Interior Applications Only
  • Input Voltage Requirements:
    • Dual Voltage (Auto Sensing) ­ 12/24 VDC (+/- 10%)
    • Power Consumption: 1511 S - 830/450 mA@ 12/24 VDC
  • 1511T -1500/850 mA @ 12/24 VDC
  • Size: 11 "L x 2-3/4"H x 2-5/8"D
  • Lock Status Relay Rating: 1 amp @ 30V resistive
  • Alarm Output Rating: 1 amp @ 30V resistive
  • DPS Rating: 250 mA @ 30V resistive
  • BAS Rating: 250 mA @ 30V resistive
  • ATS Rating: 1 amp @ 30V resistive

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