Kenstan Covers the Market

During my locksmith career, customers often requested me to install locks on various pieces of furniture. Sometimes the furniture was just not designed to accept a standard lock product and the job had to be turned down. Unfortunately I did not know about the Kenstan Lock Company at that time.

Kenstan began business in 1963 as a supplier of specialized locks primarily for commercial cabinets and showcases. Over the years they have developed locks which help fill the gaps that are not covered by most available standard lock manufacturers.

Kenstan has five primary types of lock systems:

1) “D” Line disc tumbler locks are used to provide security at an economical cost. Disc tumbler locks are available as cam locks, plunger locks, dead bolt, spring bolt, Z bolt and ratchet locks. Locks can be keyed alike, keyed different or master keyed.

2) “K” Line Keymatic locks incorporate a secure tubular lock design along with a special red change tool. Owners can insert the change tool into the keyway and quickly reset the K lock to any of eight different key combinations. K Line series offers the same diverse amount of lock types as the D Line.

3) “M” Line locks feature Medeco lock cores equipped with restricted keys. These high security locks are available with either the Biaxial or Medeco3 cores which are manufactured to Kenstan specifications. M line locks can be keyed alike, keyed different or masterkeyed to owners’ requriements.

A new feature for Kenstan Medeco locks is the addition of removable cores. Cores can be changed out in seconds to provide an entirely new key combination. The removable core system provides the same high security features as the standard “M” Line locks with the convenience of removable cores.

4) “I” Line interchangeable core locks feature the small format design using either 6 or 7 pin tumblers. A full product lineup of cam locks, dead bolt, spring bolt and plunger locks are available. In addition, interchangeable core products are also available as rim cylinders, mortise cylinders plus lever handle, tubular handles and other specialized devices. “I” Line products can be keyed alike, keyed different, master and grand master keyed.

5) “P” Line pin tumbler locks are available with National, Corbin and Schlage keyways. A wide variety of lock types including cam locks, dead bolt, spring bolt and plunger locks are available. The “P” Line can be keyed alike, keyed different, master key and grand master keyed.

Most notable from a locksmith standpoint are the array of different locks which Kenstan has for sliding glass showcases. A new PLK51 series requires only a keyhole-shaped cutout in the track of a sliding glass showcase. An “L” shaped tailpiece fits into the key hole slot and blocks the doors from bypassing.

Another sliding door showcase lock is the “Z” lock. This lock requires a mortise cutout under the track. When the sliding doors are closed, a turn of the key moves a Z-shaped locking bar into position which blocks the doors from moving.

Several other sliding showcase locks are designed to be installed by first drilling a round hole in the glass or wooden door. An L-shaped bolt can be positioned behind the inner sliding door so the doors cannot be easily spread apart.

If you are called to a commercial business and find a cabinet or showcase lock you have never seen before, it just may be a Kenstan original. For more information, contact: Kenstan Lock Company, 516-576-9090,