What's New: Electronics

Products from Altronix, Alarm Lock, Locknetics and Isonas catch the eye of Locksmith Ledger editors.

In this month's electronics column, Ledger contributing editor Tim O'Leary writes about some the newest electronics products to catch his eye: the Altronix HubWay™, Altronix StrikeIt™, ISONAS IP Proximity Reader Controllers and Locknetics 672 REX TouchBar. Information is also included on a new...

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StrikeIt1™ will operate up to two (2) 24VDC panic hardware devices simultaneously. It is designed to handle the high current surge that panic hardware locking devices demand. A programmable timed lock release feature ranging from one to 30 seconds, supervised lock outputs and two programmable fire alarm disconnect options are all included, along with simultaneous 12VDC and 24VDC constant power outputs for access control accessories. Two form "C" follower relays and two form "C" delayed momentary relays which follow the lock outputs are provided for activation of automatic door operators. On-board circuitry facilitates stand-by battery charging. For more information, call 1-888-258-7669, or visit www.altronix.com

ISONAS IP Proximity Reader Controllers

The ISONAS ClearNet™ reader-controllers are the first IP readers that connect directly to the data network, eliminating the need for traditional door controller panels. Each reader is packaged with ISONAS Crystal Matrix™ Software, which puts real-time control of all door control functions in the hands of authorized security personnel via the convenience of a PC and standard network. These network devices are simple to install and tap into existing networks using a familiar Windows interface.

ISONAS IP reader controllers offer a variety of choices so that you can compile the access control system that best suits your needs:

  • Choice of Connectivity: to the network via Ethernet cabling (TCP/IP protocol ) or wirelessly via a Wireless Access Point (IEEE 802.11b standard).
  • Choice of Reader: Mullion or Switchplate style readers (Wireless readers only available in Switchplate)
  • Choice of Credential: Available in models which use proprietary ISONAS proximity cards, or HID cards
  • Advanced Security Options: ISONAS Crystal Matrix software may be configured for multiple door and property management installations, with the ability to perform the following functions:

    -- Sense if a door is open or closed
    -- Process a Request To Exit (REX)
    -- Process an auxiliary input of the customers choosing

    Set up to 2 output lines.
  • PoE Ready: Use the latest Power Over Ethernet (POE) technology to simplify cabling to each door.
  • Scalable: Unlimited number of readers on a system and unlimited number of users.
  • Auto Network/ Standalone Mode: Continues to control access even if communications with server are interrupted.
  • Network Ready: Each reader is a network appliance ready to plug in via a standard RJ-45 connector.
  • Adaptable: MS Windows software platform enables integration with other devices using Graphical User Interface (GUI) or SNMP.
  • Secure Network: Communicates using AES 256-bit encryption.

The ISONAS reader is self-contained and does not use a controller mounted within the secured area, and all connections to the door strike, door sensor and REX switch to the reader are made to the reader. As a result, care must be taken to protect these from being accessed from outside the protected area, since shunting the sensor or triggering the REX will allow access into the premises.

ISONAS markets direct over the Internet. ISONAS is not a traditional access control product, but rather one of the new breed of "Network Appliances" hitting the security market, similar in some respects to IP cameras which have redefined the conventional CCTV market.

ISONAS readers list for $500. External wiring involves plugging into the clients network for the hard-wired model, or associating with the client's Wi-Fi.

ISONAS also reaches into the IT market with a single door, highly scalable solution with DIY potential. Up until now, this niche has been largely ignored by the systems integrators going after the enterprise client. Some standalone systems are out there, but they fail to deliver real-time communications, or any serious network functionality. So for these reasons, ISONAS is unique.

However, ISONAS realizes the importance of competent professional installation of their product, as well as proper specification and installation of the locking and control accessories that are required for a successful access control installation. The company offers offer a partnership program which makes it an attractive proposition for the locksmith to participate. For more information, call 800-581-0083 X 102 (sales) or 303-/567-6516 X 103 (tech support) or visit www.isonas.com.

Locknetics 672 REX TouchBar

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