American Lock Door Key Compatible Padlocks The Benefits of Compatibility

Padlocks in some form have been around almost forever.

If you Google "History of Padlocks," you'll receive over 998,000 site choices in a split second. Padlocks in some form have been around almost forever. One of the limitations that existed for years with any keyed padlock was the fact that it had to be on a different key from door locks in a...

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Standard function on the A3600/3700 Series is NKR – Non-Key Retaining, but the option is NRK Non-Removable Key or key retaining.

Cylinder options include a choice of 27 available keyways to match a door security system. (Chart 1)

Click here to view the Chart 1: American Lock Door Key Compatible Cylinder Chart.

In addition to 26 of the most popular commercial and residential door lock manufacturers' keyways, cylinders are available in the American Lock Edge™ key control keyways. (Photo 5) The Edge Key Control system offers a full line of key-in-knob/lever cylinders (Photo 6), and rim and mortise cylinders (Photo 7) to allow a full range of cylinder servicing with restricted key control. Other Edge cylinders are available to service the full range of American Lock Commercial Products. The Edge keys are patent protected.

Most of the commercial and residential keyways are available in five- or six-pin lock cylinders. These cylinders may be ordered as part of a complete padlock assembly or as separate components. When cylinders are ordered with padlocks, the correct driver is included. Cylinders ordered separately require an 'A' prefix in front of the cylinder number to assure the correct cylinder drivers are provided.

Padlock tailpieces or drivers can be ordered separately from American.

The American Lock Commercial Products Service Manual reads, "The door hardware cylinders are rekeyed using standard .115" diameter pins. The plug is mounted to the shell with a ring retainer and use of a follow tool is recommended. In order to mount the cylinder in the lock body, a cylinder retainer plug is placed over the bible of the cylinder. The retainer plug has a threaded hole used to mount it to the lock via the toe shackle and the socket screw. This cylinder requires a special driver to be placed between the cylinder tail and the lock actuator in order to function."

For an additional charge, American Lock can re-create and expand your current key system (with your records) and do the keying or master keying at the factory to deliver locks or cylinders ready to install.

Padlock bodies will also accept a number of OEM original cylinders and after-market key-in-knob/lever cylinders from Medeco, ASSA, Schlage (including Primus), Ilco, Lori, GMS, GLS, etc.

A3800 Series Padlocks

The A3800 series padlocks are constructed with a two and one-quarter inch wide by seven-eighths inch thick, case hardened, chrome plated, solid steel body. The dual ball bearing locking mechanism resists prying and pulling the shackle from the locked position.

The 7/16" diameter Boron alloy steel shackle is available in two different lengths with the model number of the lock indicating the shackle length. Model A3800 indicates one and one-eighth length (Photo 13) and A3801 indicates two-inch inches long. (Photo 14) Brass shackles are not an option with the A3800 or A3801.

The same range of cylinder options available on the A3600/A3700 Series is available for the A3800. In addition to the 27 door key cylinders, alternate manufacturer OEM and after market key-in-knob cylinders are compatible with this padlock.

Standard function on the A3800 Series is NKR – Non-Key Retaining, but the option is NRK Non-Removable Key. Another option is the DBLC thirteen-inch long zinc-plated #2 Double Loop Chain to retain the padlock at its site. The laser engraving option is not available on the A3800 Series.


The ability to key padlocks and standard residential and commercial door locks to the same key or master key system offers a way to improve key control and add security, convenience and safety.

When you can handle a padlock cylinder and key it in the same manner as any deadbolt, knob, lever, mortise or rim cylinder means fewer mix-ups, problems or non-working keys. It also means less frustration and fewer pinning kits.

Your residential customer will appreciate the fact that you can match that padlock for the gate, garage or storage facility to their current house key. It's even possible they'd be interested in a small master key system where the house key also works the gate, but there is a separate key for the gardener that only fits the gate.

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