Transponder key Cross Reference: Chrysler, Ford and General Motors

A number of aftermarket key blank manufacturers produce transponder-equipped key blanks for Chrysler, Ford and General Motors families of vehicles. Each of these key blanks is designed for specific makes, models and years. If you do not have the identical key blank number, it is important to know what the appropriate key blank number from another manufacturer is that you may have in stock.

The key blanks will be listed first by manufacturer, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. Each of these manufacturers will include their divisions. For example, Ford includes Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and the domestic pickups from Mazda. These pickups use the PATS keys, the same keys as used by the Ford Ranger pickups.

If available, the manufacturer’s logo transponder-equipped key blanks will be listed first. The generic fixed value transponder-equipped key blank will be listed second. And if there are clonable transponder-equipped key blanks, they will then be listed. For Jet key blanks, the PK3 transponders are clonable; however, these keys come with a programmable value, whereas other producers of clonable transponder- equipped key blanks have only zeros, which is not a programmable value. Also, included in the clonable list will be the Electronic Keys (E.K.). These battery operated transponder-equipped key blanks are being produced for Ford products that previously were not clonable.

In addition to providing transponder equipped key blank numbers, we include a “Trial Key.” The “Trial Key” is the metal head key blank number that has the same blade as the transponder-equipped key blank. This way it is cheaper to test the mechanical key code before cutting a transponder equipped key blank. For the “Trial Key,” I will use the Ilco EZ key blank number.

For this chart, I will include the common transponder key blank numbers from A 1, Barnes, Bianchi, HATA, Ilco, Jet, and STRATTEC. These are the popular aftermarket key blank manufacturers.

Some transponder-equipped key blanks that are only available from the vehicle manufacturers will not be included in this list.

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Note: The aftermarket key blank manufacturers have supplied the information for the following transponder key blank cross reference. As we are not able to test every transponder equipped key blank available, we can offer no guarantees of compatibility. When in doubt, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or key blank manufacturer.