Powering Up Access Control Systems

If an access control system involves more than a single door, a single power supply won't suffice.

Power supplies are an important part of any electrical access or security system. The power requirements for an access control system are therefore typically divided into two categories: power for the controls/readers and power for the locks. In reality, the power is used for several purposes...

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Security Door Controls

The SDC 631RF Power Supplies have been developed specifically to support electric locks and access controls, with high performance, heavy-duty circuitry for inductive loads and multi-door applications. The modular design is built around several different application control modules to meet he specific needs for virtually any electric lock system.

SDC power supplies are designed to provide a well-organized installation for individual or multi-door systems that may include locking devices, access controls, station controls and consoles for remote control, annunciation and fire/life safety system interface.

SDC 600 Series power supplies are manufactured according to ISO 9001 certified quality standards. Tests are conducted according to tough UL 1481 criteria for specific use with access controls, fire and burglary applications.

Ten different, individually fused door control modules are available for any application. Time delays, latching relays and multiple station circuit breaker modules are available for custom configuration in the field or at the factory.

Specification of the UR Universal Access Hardware Controller provides for six standard DIP switch selectable system and mantrap variations for multiple door systems.

The output filtering stabilizes the DC output voltage and eliminates AC line noise. The solid state regulator maintains the selected output voltage at 12VDC or 24VDC regardless of the output load changes, including battery charging.

The AC input is protected by a fuse and secondary DC output is protected by auto resetting poly fuse.

A separate PTC protected, battery charger output provides 13.5VDC or 27VDC.

Batteries are automatically disconnected from the secondary output circuit when the voltage decreases below 70 percent. This ensures batteries are capable of recharging.

An LED System Status Indicator is included.

Amber means AC and DC voltages are OK

Green indicates - no DC output.

Red means no AC input, powered by batteries.

Additional features include:

Isolated Charging Circuit: While the charging output is 13.5VDC or 27VDC, the secondary output is unaffected and precisely maintained at the selected 12 or 24VDC. This ensures system components are powered by their specified voltage.

The secondary output current is maintained at the full 1.5 Amp capacity and is not de-rated when charging batteries.

Class 2 Outputs: Where permitted by code, conduit is not required when using Class 2 outputs.

Emergency Release Input: The Fire/Life Safety emergency release input is standard on all SDC power supplies, field selectable 12 or 24VDC.

The output is field selectable for 12 or 24VDC output. Large Heavy Gauge Enclosure Model 631RFA is housed in a 16 gauge, 16”W x 14”H x 6.5”D cabinet large enough to accommodate several additional modules and six 7 Amp hour batteries with plenty of room for wiring.

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