High Security Cylinders and Protected Key Stock

Lock manufacturers are depended upon to control the issuance of key stock.

The Yale Security Cylinders are available in three Security Levels. The base level, level 1 is the Registered Distributor. This level uses the GST family of keys. The side milling that controls the rotating discs is pre-cut from the factory. The rest of the key is left for the locksmith to cut, enabling the rekey of lock cylinders.

Level 2 is Registered to End User. This level uses the “GST” family of surety keyways. Lock cylinders are delivered to the end user from the factory. Cylinders are factory assembled and the factory furnishes finished keys. Extra keys are ordered and must be accompanied by the approval and signature of the end-user’s designee.

Level 3 Registered to End User (Restricted Keyways) is the highest level of security. Level three lock cylinders use the “VYZ” family of restricted keyways. These cylinders are sold by locksmith wholesalers for specific jobs. All other Level 2 requirements are in effect.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Yale, phone 800-438-1951, web site www.yalecommercial.com.

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