Up & Running With Standalone Access Controls

Standalone access control systems are perhaps the fastest growing market segment in access control. They require minimal installation labor and offer a growing list of features that the majority or small business clients need. The standalone access...

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The IQK* series has a 16-digit lifetime warrantied flush or tactile metal keypad on a heavy duty cast housing, available in a range of architectural finishes. The locksets are completely weatherproof with exterior gasket and CABLEGARD™ for wire protection. All units have lifetime mechanical and electrical warranties, meet Grade 1 and UL standards and are supplied with ADA compliant levers. They are available in cylindrical, mortise, tubular and panic device models.

Full scheduling features include: temporary users, scheduled manual passage mode and first supervisor to arrive function. In addition, they offer panic alarm interface and secretary's button interface.

For more information, visit www.marksusa.com.

SDC E72 EntryCheck

The battery powered standalone E72 EntryCheck provides controlled access for high security applications with multi-level security requirements or applications with minimal requirements for the control of pedestrian traffic.

The E72 is a Grade 1, cylindrical lockset, which meets the UL 3-hour fire rating and ADA requirements. The E72 is designed for upgrading to accommodate future technologies.

Installation is simple. Only one 3/4” hole through the door face is required in addition to a standard ANSI 115.18 door preparation.

The E72 features a standard cylindrical lever in either the Eclipse or the Galaxy design, with an internal clutching mechanism to prevent engagement when the lockset is in the locked position. This ‘break-away' feature helps prevent internal damage to the lockset in the event of an attempted forced entry.

Locksets are sold less IC core. Standard I-Core prepared levers accept Best, Falcon, KSP and Medeco Keymark IC cores. Other levers are available to accept a wide variety of OEM IC cores. Please Consult factory.

The locksets' standard programming includes 99 user groups, 64 users and a 50-event audit trail. The memory can be upgraded on the- door to 300 users and a 1,600-event audit trail. SDC has implemented 32 programmable functions, including:

· First Manager To Arrive

· Double Code Entry

· Temporary User Schedule

· Basic, Group & Single User Schedules

· Unlimited Time Zones and Holidays

The E72's 16-position keypad is currently rated at 200 million cycles and counting and is capable of changing terminators to increase the security.

E72 offers both audio and visual system signals. The audio response is achieved through the use of a sounder capable of creating different tones. In order to achieve power savings, the lockset audio can be disabled during normal operation. Visual recognition is provided by a tri-color LED located in the center of the keypad.

Computer management is recommended for all medium to high security and multi-user/multi-door applications. While the E72 may be programmed with the keypad, the optional handheld IDT (Infrared Data Transmission Device) and software provide quick and easy programming and management. Lockset programming is transferred from the computer to the lockset via the IDT. Lockset transaction history is transferred to the computer via the IDT, from which printed audit trails are provided. The software is free with the purchase of the IDT handheld transmission device.

For information, visit www.sdcsecurity.com

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