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Schlage Wireless For over five years, Schlage has been providing proven wireless access solutions to retrofit applications and new construction. With 128-bit encryption on every transmission, Schlage wireless systems are nearly 10 times as secure...

Hybrid cylinders are available in common rim and mortise formats and simply replace an existing cylinder. The Hybrid key allows users to access any system configuration – pure mechanical, pure electronic or Hybrid cylinder – with a single credential. Working independently, the RFID technology in the head of the key operates common card readers. The Hybrid key is available in several configurations and the upgradeable head design allows system managers to upgrade or downgrade the credential. For information,visit www.medeco.com .

Napco Freedom

NAPCO Security Systems, Inc.'s, Freedom code-free wireless alarm system is as simple to use as locking and unlocking the door's existing deadbolt. False alarms are virtually eliminated because there are no exit/entry delay countdowns and there are no arm/disarm codes to memorize.

Napco's Freedom system installs in as little as one hour. There is nothing to touch on the door. The four-function touchpad provides an English language keypad, indoor 95db siren, 25-foot Pet PIR and a wireless receiver for both lock and front door contact built into wireless lock sensor. Simple to use, virtually training-free, Freedom is so customer friendly, it's the key to customer satisfaction and account retention. For information or to view an online demo video, visit www.napcosecurity.com.


BlueWave provides Wi-Fi technology components and solutions to manufacturers and system integrators in the physical security industry. BlueWave Security leverages relationships with Motorola, Clark Security Products, General Lock Service and the Wi-Fi Alliance to bring Wi-Fi access control solutions to the physical security market

New from BlueWave, the NetGen™ family of door controllers delivers all the features of panel-based access control systems at about the cost of a standalone lock. The NetGen™ product line approaches the problem of physical access control from an IP network-centric perspective. BlueWave reduces costs by replacing control panels with a software application and individual lock controllers that connect directly to the data network using Ethernet or Wi-Fi interfaces. The BlueWave Network Generation™ approach eliminates long wire runs, scales one door at a time, enables remote management of individual doors and when used with Power-Over-Ethernet, eliminates the need for power supplies and the use of electricians at the door. For information, visit www.BlueWaveSecurity.com.

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