E-PLEX 5700

Keepin' It All Kaba

The E-Plex 5200 and 5700 are programmed via wireless communications. Communication is via an Infrared Transfer Function with a handheld PDA.

The highly successful E-Plex series of locks continues to grow, and as a result, Kaba continues to add new features and more power. Kaba has incrementally introduced models to the product line so that the needs of clients with more sophisticated control requirements but no desire to deal with the cost and maintenance of hard-wired solutions can be met.

Kaba is taking care of its dealers by making sure Kaba products are competitive with respect to feature sets and pricing, so that the dealer can "Keep It Kaba" throughout a facility with a cost-effective solution for every security level required.

While the demand for single-code mechanical locks remains remarkably robust, the demand for the features and advantages electronics bring to the door has developed into an important niche within the access control market.

For decades, the access control market was either a single-code mechanical device (The Simplex), or some sort of multi-component solution involving discrete locking devices, keypad or readers, control boxes…. and electrical wiring.

There wasn't much in between until technology made it possible to package the keypad, reader controller, lock and power source and mount it all right on the door.

The Kaba E-Plex line provides a comprehensive end-to-end set of standalone solutions in a Grade 1 commercial lock.

Versions are available for use with exit trim and with mortise and cylindrical locksets and several flavors and lock core options. E-Plex is available in the following architectural finishes:

• 605 Bright Brass

• 606 Satin Brass

• 625 Bright Chrome

• 626 Satin Chrome

• 676 Black

• 744 Dark Bronze

A huge advantage to locksmiths is the fact that the E-Plex 5X00 Series uses the same mounting footprint. This means that once the locksmith can install one model of the E-Plex, he can do others because of the mechanical similarity. This makes upgrades easier, too.

All the units are default programmed to provide limited functionality right out of the box. So if your best lock installer hates electronics, he can still go out and do his thing with the E-Plex.

Manual programming of E-Plexes is a script-based process. That is, you follow steps, and fill in the blanks.

Typically the locksmith will perform initial commissioning of the unit, and then assist the end-user while he or she learns the nomenclature and gains confidence with managing the system. Sometimes, the locksmith will perform ongoing E-Plex programming under a service agreement, or on a per call basis.

The recently introduced E -Plex 5700 series brings the choice of PIN only; PROX only or dual authorization (PIN & PROX) to the E-Plex solution. As with the E-Plex 5200, the 5700 supports 3,000 access credentials; 30,000-event audit log, and access schedules. Remote unlock passage and privacy are also available features.

The E-Plex 5200 and 5700 are capable of up to 16 access schedules and are programmed via wireless communications. No wires are required to upload or download data because communication is via an Infrared Transfer Function with a handheld PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

The E-Plex 5200/5700 software is point-and-click Windows-based, which requires no special knowledge to operate. On-screen instructions guide the user through set-up, managing users, managing access schedules and doors and establishing authority levels.

The software easily manages up to 3,000 users; 16 access schedules and 32 holiday/vacation blocks per lock, and a virtually unlimited number of users and schedules holiday/vacation blocks in the software database.

Visitors and guests may also be enrolled with programmable expiration dates, and service users may be programmed for one-shot access or come-and-go access for one to 24 hours.

System data is password protected and may be imported from existing databases and spreadsheets.

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