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(Product photos will be available in July) A1 Security ALOA Booth 922 A1 Security introduces KeyCommander, a first line of defense for common-sense key control. The lockable cabinets hold 25, 50, or 100 key pegs that can be locked into a...

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Axxis Biometrics

The BioAxxis BD1-HS now brings to the marketplace a Grade 1 version. Already the leading biometric grade 3 deadbolt on the market, the new high security version provides increased options. The BD1-HS adds a Grade 1 deadbolt, high security horizontal keyway with 8-pin cylinder, and a 100-fingerprint capacity.

Information: 315-635-5540, or E-mail:



Bianchi USA Inc.

ALOA Booth 744

The new Bianchi Repli-Code 7 TX offers locksmiths the ability to program over 75 percent of transponder vehicles on the road today. The Repli-Code 7 TX is an upgrade to Bianchi's existing transponder programming tool and includes many exciting new features such as the capability to program TI® encrypted keys, generate fixed codes and store customer information on a PC.





ALOA Booth 817

New Camouflage SearchAlert® combination luggage locks are recognized and accepted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for use at all U.S. and U.K airports for locking checked luggage, weapons' cases, tool boxes and fishing tackle boxes. Additional fashion colors include Sunshine Yellow, Hot Pink and Purple Grape.

All SearchAlert Locks from CCL Security Products feature a security window which hanges from Green to Red when a TSA agent uses an override device to open the lock to hand-search luggage. They are Travel Sentry® Approved. Information:




ALOA Booth 228

The NEW DualAxess keyless combination cam lock from CompX Security Products offers 10,000 possible combinations and is designed to replace standard cam locks in wood or metal applications for instant keyless access. The DualAxess' disc tumbler lock plug is used to override the combination and to change combination codes. The combination can only be changed with proper key and correct combination, and the lock plug is removable for easy re-keying. DualAxess is available in two clynder lengths,7/8” and 1-3/8”, and offers several keying options. Information:



Corbin Russwin

ALOA Booth 304

Keep track of who enters and exits your facility doors with the Access 800 AC2. This stand-alone access control product allows you to program each of your locking hardware devices by simply using a PDA data transfer. You can update your locks quickly and efficiently using Corbin Russwin's broad selection of technologies and new programming features with ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 mechanical locks, housed in a sleek contemporary design and ow available with decorative MUSÉO™ levers!

Information: .



D&D Technologies

ALOA Booth 131

Lokk-Latch PRO®—SL provides self-locking and self-latching security in a latch that won't rust, is horizontally & vertically adjustable, and features a 6-pin re-keyable lock. Formed of super-strong engineering polymers with stainless steel components, it fits metal, wood and vinyl gates. A key is required to enter and exit (institutional function). Only one hole is drilled to connect the internal & external units. The latch fits posts up to 6”.

Information: (800) 716-0888.




ALOA Booth 822

Trust Detex's premium solutions for access control on doors that require panic hardware in high use, high abuse applications. The Advantex® panic bar and Kaba's robust SIMPLEX®/E-PLEX® access control lever trims are now integrated into easy to order EasyKits. These fully integrated solutions combine the industry's most rugged and easiest to install devices, requiring no wiring to or through the door. Unlike other providers that only offer a mounting interface, Detex EasyKits provide turnkey solutions, ready to install. Information:




ALOA Booth 1034

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