Retrofitting the DORMA ED800 Low-Energy Door Operator Onto Existing Swinging Doors

ED800s are designed for easy, one-person installation. The basic unit is non-handed and the control unit is non-mount specific. You can change from a pull side to a push side mount simply by flipping a toggle switch and installing the appropriate arm.

Door operators fall into two categories: Power-Operated Pedestrian Doors and Low-Energy Power Operated Doors. Power-Operated Pedestrian Doors may be swinging, folded or sliding, and are used for high traffic applications. Low-Energy Power Operated Doors are either swinging or folded, and they are...

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Really, only two basic things are absolutely needed to be able to order an ED800. It's so versatile that it fits quite an array of application requirements right out of the box.

On what side of the door (push or pull side) is the ED800 going to be installed and what color would I like are the two most basic questions.

Obviously, conditions at an opening might lead to optional equipment such as a multitude of triggering devices, special mounting brackets or other specialized electronics for specialized equipment control.

Choose the standard hard-wired version or an optional plug in power cord. Turn the unit into a show piece by ordering the unit in an eye pleasing architectural plated finish or an attractive full length cover.

Basic information regarding the application prior to purchasing a Low Energy operator should always be reviewed. A few examples are:

*Door size and weight

*Type of building

*Location in the building

*How must it operate

*Ceiling or other conditions that might prohibit typical installation

Can the ED-800 be readily interfaced with external control and safety equipment?

External controls such as push buttons, wireless controls or other signaling devices like keypads or card readers are easily connected to the plug in connector of the ED800.

Safety devices such as floor mats, rails, presence sensors and other safety devices that would normally be needed with “high energy” fully automatic operators would not be needed with the ED800 since it is a “Low Energy” automatic operator. Low Energy operators can never generate more than 15lb opening force. Low Energy operators must meet the ANSI A1256.19 standards for Power Assist and Low Energy Power Operated Doors.

What if the installer has a problem in the field?

Technical support is available from 8 a.m to 6 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, (Eastern time).

Complete details, including more than 30 system functional descriptions, point-to-point wiring diagrams and wiring riser diagrams are available on our web site,

The most frequent questions center on integration with other electronic locking and control devices or simply the “How do I do this feature or function?” type questions. Numerous other questions address electronic device configuration.

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