Retrofitting the DORMA ED800 Low-Energy Door Operator Onto Existing Swinging Doors

ED800s are designed for easy, one-person installation. The basic unit is non-handed and the control unit is non-mount specific. You can change from a pull side to a push side mount simply by flipping a toggle switch and installing the appropriate arm.

Door operators fall into two categories: Power-Operated Pedestrian Doors and Low-Energy Power Operated Doors. Power-Operated Pedestrian Doors may be swinging, folded or sliding, and are used for high traffic applications. Low-Energy Power Operated Doors are either swinging or folded, and they are...

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A completed installation of a pair of DORMA ED 800s with full length cover on library doors is shown on page 30. The installation looks terrific and provides total functionality for the convenience, safety and security of the library which stores priceless documents and archived resources.

Note the Von Duprin surface-mount vertical rod exit devices, which are equipped with EL (electric latch retraction). Also note the HID proximity reader and LARKO wireless Handicapped Button. The ED 800s are coordinated with the ELs and also integrated with the card reader.

An unlock timer built into the LENEL access control system dogs down the exit devices during the day.

The handicapped button may be used to actuate the ED 800s.

A wireless remote release button is used by the librarians from the reference desk to open the doors for library users who may be carrying delicate books and reference materials into and out of the reading room.

After hours, the exit devices automatically relock, and access requires a valid proximity card.

Locksmith Ledger recent interviewed the USA arm of the world-wide DORMA group. Following are the Ledger's questions and answers from the DORMA spokespersons.


What is the range of products offered by DORMA?

DORMA Architectural Hardware (DAH) is just one part of DORMA globally. DAH offers one the largest selections of ANSI standards-based mechanical locks, key systems, exit devices, electronic access control, surface and concealed door closers and other hardware products.

Within North America , other DORMA businesses offer moveable wall systems, revolving doors, fully automatic doors, (including a full service & installation), glass partition and single-door system hardware


What is the history of the ED-800?

In the early 90s the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) heightened awareness that doors can present barriers to individuals with physical challenges or limitations. While standard door closers were capable of providing light opening forces, while adjusted for a light opening force, they might not provide enough power to reliably close and latch a door. In 1994, the ED800 was introduced to provide constant, reliable closing control while providing the electronic power to occasionally open a door where needed.

What is the intended market for the ED800?

The ED800 is designed for commercial hardware openings that typically require manual opening and occasionally require powered opening.

What are the standard product features?

All ED800s are designed for easy, one-person installation. The basic unit is non-handed and the control unit is non-mount specific. You can change from a pull side to a push side mount simply by flipping a toggle switch and installing the appropriate arm.

Most basic operator modes are provided standard such as Push & Go on/off, Strike Delay on/off, adjustable delay time, hold open option, adjustable opening speed/force and adjustable maximum opening angle.

It is simple to integrate touch pads, electric strikes, key pads and other access control components with the ED800 operator. It can function as a standalone device or be integrated as a component of the building fire alarm or other building management systems.

How is the ED800 superior to other products of this type?

The ED800 is an extremely ‘intelligent' operator. It is the only operator that does what is called a “learn cycle,” literally learning the latch position and reading initial opening forces for the door on which it is installed. It monitors these factors during its service life so it can adjust later if those conditions change over the life of the opening.

It is one of the only, if not the only, operator that gives installers the option of a Low Energy or Power Assist unit, right out of the box.

The ED800 comes standard with a keyed back plate to aid installers by resting the keyed slots in the back plate on pre-installed screws in the header.

The ED800 aids installers by providing LED diagnostics that show status of the unit in virtually every state of operation. If the installer made an error during set up, it would show up in the diagnostic light codes.

What details must the installer know when ordering an ED-800?

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