Market Trends: How Consumers Purchase Decorative Door Hardware

Because locksmiths can also install the purchased hardware, the opportunity to offer customers a total package, including the door set and its installation, is available — something neither showrooms nor large retailers can offer

Manufacturers have also found that more customers are increasingly interested in whole-house coordination, particularly in the high-end market. The whole-house concept is where the exterior door locks match the hinges, which match the cabinet hardware, which match the hardware, accessories and fixtures in the bath. Manufacturers are continuing to offer collections that include interior and exterior door knobs with matching cabinet hardware and other hardware accessories.

Changes in the housing market indicate that people are staying in their homes longer and are choosing to renovate rather than move. Changing a home's door hardware is the type of project that homeowners can undertake to update their existing homes at a moderate price. Keeping up with what is new and popular, in addition to focusing on effective merchandising, personalized customer service, and product expertise, will help your shop compete in the growing market of decorative hardware.

John Pelka is vice president of marketing, Hickory Hardware. Contact Hickory Hardware at (877) 556-2918 or e-mail

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