Transponder programming for late model vehicles is not always easy. Programming information has usually not been made available on some of the newer models. This problem is not specific to locksmiths as vehicle manufacturers also have delays with not only information, but parts as well. Locksmith Ledger tries to find out about new vehicles, keys, key codes, tumbler positions and programming information usually before the vehicle has been released. Sometimes we are able to garner the information right away and sometimes locks have to be purchased in order to find out specifics.

I was given the opportunity to program a 2007 Toyota RAV4, a compact SUV that is available with or without the transponder-based engine immobilizer anti-theft system. The shape of the remote key can be used as an identifier. The new RAV4 is equipped with three locks: ignition lock, driver's door lock and glove compartment lock.

This 2007 RAV4 came with two master remote head (black) keys and one sub (gray) key. According the owner's manual, the sub key will not work in the glove box. The blade of the sub key comes with the tip pre-cut (unlike the illustration). This method of same keyway master/valet has been used by Toyota on a number of models over the years.

To program the vehicle, I used the STRATTEC Code Seeker multi-vehicle transponder programming tool. The Code Seeker uses the ADC 110 cable to connect to the OBD II port facing rearward under the left side of the knee bolster.

Since the vehicle owner had keys available, I used one of the master keys to determine which Toyota immobilizer system is used. With a Type One System, an aftermarket Toyota transponder-equipped key can be used to operate the vehicle. For example, the STRATTEC 692062 key blank can be used to program Toyota vehicles equipped with the Type One System.

For vehicles equipped with the Toyota Type Two System, only Toyota keys with the factory only chip can be programmed. This will probably change over time. In this case, the Toyota Sub Keys having part number 89786-60170 can be programmed to the 2007 Toyota RAV4. Part numbers have been known to change over time. If so, the dealership can determine the updated part number from an older part number.

Note: To determine whether the vehicle is equipped with the Type One or Type Two System, a programmer such as the Code Seeker must be connected and the ignition must be turned to On.

If no owner's keys are available, the Code Seeker User's Manual recommends originating a mechanical key in order to turn the ignition lock to the On position. A STRATTEC part number 692063 Toyota key blank can be used.

The 2007 Toyota RAV4 uses the 10001-15000 code series. The ignition lock has wafer tumblers in spaces one through ten. The driver's door lock has wafer tumblers in spaces three through ten. The glove compartment has wafer tumblers in spaces seven through ten.

To determine the system, I connected the Code Seeker to the OBD II port. I entered the password and made the vehicle selection of Toyota . I chose the immobilizer option and pressed enter. I selected Type One, only to have the communication eventually fail. I repeated the steps and selected Type Two and the screen displayed turn ignition On. The Code Seeker displayed ECU identification Toyota/Lexus Type 2. Note: Since the key used was not a registered (programmed) transponder-equipped key, the Security LED on the dashboard continued to flash.

Since this 2007 Toyota RAV4 uses the Type Two System, it requires Toyota key blanks with the factory transponder chip. The Toyota Sub key part number 89786-60170 has a list price of $42.81. The list price can be different. Contact your local Toyota dealership for their price and possible locksmith discount.

2007 RAV4 Type Two Toyota System programmable functions are:

Reset immobilizer: Allows the keys (transponder values) stored in memory to be erased and to learn new keys (transponder values) to be learned.

Program Additional Keys (transponder values): Allows adding Master or Sub keys (transponder values) as long as there is one pre-programmed master key. System Two can automatically tell the whether the new keys to be programmed are Master or Sub.

Erase Keys (transponder values): Allows erasing all of the programmed keys (transponder values) except the key in the ignition at the time.

I programmed additional keys as the vehicle was new and the owner had all three of the keys the dealership provided with the vehicle.

The 2007 Toyota RAV4 is equipped with a Security LED on the left side of the center console. The engine immobilizer system automatically activates when the ignition is turned off and the key is removed from the ignition switch. The flashing Security LED indicates that the system is operational and that inserting a registered (programmed) transponder equipped key turns off the security system enabling the engine to start.

I originated the mechanical cuts and programmed two valet keys to this vehicle following the CodeSeeker's screen instructions. The programming procedure for additional keys is to select Toyota , then Immobilizer, and then Type 2. The ignition is turned on with a registered master (remote head) key.

The ECU IDENTIFICATION will appear as TOYOTA/LEXUS TYPE 2. This indicates a Toyota key with factory programming is required. Next, press the enter key.

The diagnostic menu appears and the SPECIAL FUNCTIONS is highlighted and the enter key is pressed. For our purposes, we then choose the PROGRAM KEY option and press the enter key.

A new screen appears with PROGRAM KEY



- INSERT KEY (unregistered key)


- WITHIN 120 Sec

- TIME ELAPSED: (# of seconds) S


A new screen appears with PROGRAM KEY



- WITHIN 20 Sec

- TIME ELAPSED: (# of seconds) S


A new screen appears with PROGRAM KEY



- WITHIN 10 Sec

- TIME ELAPSED: (# of seconds) S


A new screen appears with PROGRAM KEY


- TIME ELAPSED: (# of seconds) S

Important: Programming additional keys takes about one minute. According to the manual, if the timer goes beyond two minutes, the keys are probably not registered. Disconnect the Code Seeker and repeat the programming procedure. You may want to ask how many key have been used to operate the vehicle. Only five Master Keys and three Sub Keys can be programmed to a vehicle.

Another consideration is the possibility of problem with the transponder system. In the diagnostic menu, select FAULT CODES. When highlighted, and the enter key pressed, there are two choices, READ FAULT CODES or CLEAR FAULT CODES. I strongly recommend reading the fault codes to identify the problem. A list of some of the known fault codes is included in the manual. Some fault codes can be erased and the problem solved. Other fault codes, for example B2793 “Transponder Chip Malfunction,” will require action.

For this 2007 Toyota RAV4, the programming was completed in less than one minute. The keys were each tested. Each time, the engine would start and continue to operate the vehicle.

The Code-Seeker is no longer available for purchase from STRATTEC. The following tools can be used to program keys to a vehicle: T-Code, MVP, SDD, TKO and T-Code Pro.

Code-Seeker registered owners continue to receive 24/7 customer service technical support. Call 800-375-7034. Software upgrades will be offered for sale as soon as they become available. For more information, contact STRATTEC, telephone 877-251-8798 or