Editor's Picks From The Security Industry Association New Product Showcase

The Security Industry Association's New Product Showcase is a highlight of the annual ISC WEST security industry trade show which brings manufacturers, installers and trade associations together in Las Vegas. The NPS gives leading security manufacturers...

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The AXIS 212 PTZ Network Camera is ideal for surveillance and remote monitoring, offering overview images and instant one-click pan/tilt/zoom control and two-way audio. PoE (Power over Ethernet) further simplifies installation and lowers installation costs.



Paladin has been around for many decades. I used their wire stripping tools on our production lines in the early 80s and still have two of them in my toolbox, and they work perfectly. So this entrant caught my attention because it is a specially designed all-in-one device intended for those of us who do electronic work. It is 30 tools in one. The tool is geared for use with the lighter gauge wires used in low voltage, and punch down blocks typically used for networks and telecom. Anything I can carry in my pocket which might save me a trip back to the van or down and up the ladder is a good idea to me. It's all stainless steel and features one hand flip open operation, great when you're using the other hand to hold on for your life.




Viking is another vendor with whom I've had a successful relationship for many years. Viking offers broad line of high quality special purpose telecom products and modules. It's amazing how many of my projects require special purpose modules; but then again, I aim to please.

The E-50 differentiates itself from most other video entry phones in that it is based on an open-ended platform. The intercom portion connects to the premises telephone network so any phone on the premises can communicate with it, and the camera may be connected in variety of ways to a variety of devices to view the door area. This is unlike the majority of the available hybrid video/voice products which will only support a specific number of compatible substations. I can't wait to try it out.




One of several breakthrough access control products introduced at the show which bring enterprise level real time access control via WI-FI into what was formerly a rather limited product category. This product promises to deliver all the features of a panel-based access control without the usually required hardwired network connection. Up until rather recently, networked access control required that a separate network be installed. This means wiring needed to be installed to connect every access control door panel with one another and ultimately to main workstation, PC or multiple workstations. The network protocol used for these networks was typically RS-485, hardly a new technology, but nevertheless highly reliable and easy enough to deploy topology.

The next generation of access controllers utilized Ethernet, the ubiquitous network technology used by the IT industry which presented the possibility of retrofitting access controls to a pre-existing network infrastructure, and bridging the access system's communications onto the Internet allowing almost unlimited system expansion and management capabilities.

Products such as NetGen fill that missing link by having both Ethernet as well as Wi-Fi connectivity available for any door.

Unfortunately, the creators of Ethernet and Wi-Fi were big on connectivity but not transcendental in the areas of security. These communications standards were developed for a different purpose with different priorities in a different era.

The creators did not foresee how networks and the Internet would eventually become the de facto infrastructure, or how paralleling evolutions in digital processing and software development would create functional breaches and back doors, that PCs would become plentiful appliances all of which would foster a flourishing community of technophiles would find profitable and entertaining to exploit.

So any equipment which relies on IT technologies is subject to what has become our planet's most popular pastime, which causes a big problem, protecting your network, data and hardware against cyber-criminals.




This product brings what has been a long awaited but yet to be fully realized technology: Powerline Embedded IP Technology to video surveillance.

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