Schlage B500 Series: Deadbolt Redesign

The B500 Series, an ANSI Grade 2, is the Schlage transformation deadbolt lock. This light commercial application deadbolt has a long list of features that provide additional security, safety and easier installation. One of the first features you will notice is that the lock cylinder is secured to the fully integrated trim piece with a built-in anti-pry shield. This trim piece has an outer diameter of approximately 2.5”, which can cover the previous deadbolt's footprint when retrofitting the lock onto a painted door. With the front lock cylinder housing secured to the trim piece, alignment of the components is easier and installation can require less time.

A significant change is the longer and larger diameter bolt for a Grade 2 deadbolt. According to Schlage, this cast zinc bolt is 10 percent larger than comparable models. The bolt itself is approximately 1.6” long, having more than one-half inch engagement within the housing when the bolt is fully extended. When fully extended, the bolt deadlocks, meaning it cannot be retracted without first rotating the mechanism. The bolt is approximately .817” tall and .620” wide. To resist saw attacks, the B500 Series deadbolts contain a spinning hardened steel pin.

The B500 Series deadbolt has been redesigned to include an intuitive, positive locking backset adjustment. To change the backset between 2-3/8” and 2-3/4” requires 180-degree rotation of the bolt. A positive click can be heard when the deadbolt has been moved out of and into position.

To add integrity to the doorframe, Schlage recommends installing the metal reinforcement box using the supplied three 3” screws. Installing these screws reinforces the union between the doorjamb and the adjacent wood stud.

A shield has been incorporated into the outside trim ring to deter ice pick attacks and to allow fitting into 2 1/8” door preps. It is attached to the rear of the Schlage cylinder housing, allowing it to be removed for applications with 1” cross bore prep. The anti-pry shield also improves installation by holding the lock securely in place.

According to Schlage, the B500 Series deadbolts can be equipped with any Schlage cylinder configuration in order to accommodate the application. The Schlage lock cylinders include the large and small format, Classic C keyway, Classic Primus, Everest, and Everest Primus.

The B500 Series deadbolt is available in UL listed configuration, designed for up to a three-hour fire rated door.

In addition to the standard single and double cylinder functions, the Schlage 500 Series deadbolt locks are available as:

· A single cylinder lock with a lock cylinder on the exterior and a blank rose on the interior.

· A door bolt with an occupancy indicator plate on the exterior and a thumb turn on the interior.

· A door bolt with a blank plate on the exterior and a thumb turn on the interior.

· A classroom function single cylinder lock with a lock cylinder on the exterior and a thumb turn on the interior that will only retract the bolt. Extending the bolt can only be accomplished using the exterior lock cylinder.

These Schlage deadbolt locks are available in eight finishes including Satin Nickel (619) and Aged Bronze (716). The B500 series is covered under Schlage's standard three-year limited warranty.

In an effort to protect the environment, the Schlage B500 Series Deadbolt Locks come in biodegradable packaging.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Schlage Lock Company, 2315 Briargate Parkway , Colorado Springs , Co 80920. Telephone: 1-800-847-1864 Option 2. Web site: