Making the Grade: DORMA’s Grade 1 D800 Series Deadbolt

DORMA's D800 Series deadbolts meet or exceed the ANSI/BHMA A156.5 Grade 1 requirements. In addition, these locks are U.L. listed for UL 10B/10C for use on 3 hour rated fire doors.

For a deadbolt to meet the ANSI/BHMA Grade requirements, a number of tests must be successfully completed. Cylindrical deadbolt locks are tested for Grade 1, 2 or 3. A Grade 3 deadbolt is designed for residential applications, where a Grade 1 deadbolt has met or exceeded the requirements for heavy duty commercial applications.

Some of the tests require a Grade 1 deadbolt to withstand a greater number of impacts or complete a larger number of operations. For example, the Cylinder Guard or Escutcheon Impact Test requires a Grade 1 deadbolt to withstand a specific type of impact of 75ft-lbf for ten blows. An operations test, the Cycle Test requires the deadbolt lock to complete at least 250,000 cycles in order to meet the Grade 1 requirements.

For dead bolts to meet or exceed the ANSI/BHMA A156.5 Grade 1 requirements, lock manufacturers may use different combinations of metals and different add-on. For these reasons, Grade 1 deadbolts are more expensive than a comparable deadbolt of a lower grade.

DORMA D800 Series deadbolts are manufactured with a stainless steel bolt for strength and corrosion resistance. A steel security shield is designed to prevent “ice pick” attacks. With this type of shielded protection, only the driver bar rotating should retract the bolt when in the deadlocked position.

D800 Series lock cylinders are manufactured of brass. To resist wrenching, the lock cylinder is surrounded by a hardened steel housing that provides protection against blunt force attack, and a steel spin ring that protects against attack by wrenching or prying.

For wood jamb installations, DORMA includes a base strike plate and two three-inch wood screws to strengthen the installation. The base strike plate is installed beneath the finish strike plate using the three-inch screws to secure the jamb to the adjacent wood stud. The strike plate is then screwed into the jamb through holes in the base strike plate.

D800 Series deadbolts are available in all DORMA SKC keyways including interchangeable core and standard. Consult factory for additional keyway availabilities.

DORMA D800 Series deadbolt locks are available in functions including double cylinder (D862); single cylinder with turn (D860); and single cylinder with blank (D861), where the deadbolt is operated by key only on one side. There is a blank plate on other side. On the single cylinder with one way turn (D863), the deadbolt is key-operated with the capability to extend and retract. The turn can only retract the deadbolt; it cannot project it. On the turn with blank plate (D880), the deadbolt is operated by turn inside. There is a blank plate on the other side. On the turn only (D881), the turn operates the deadbolt and there is no outside trim.

The D800 Series deadbolt locks are available with the 2-3/4” backset as standard. The 2-3/8” backset bolt is available as an option. They are available in six standard finishes including 613 - Dark Oxidized Oil Rubbed Satin.

DORMA D800 Series deadbolt locks have a 10-year limited warranty.

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