Since the introduction of the transponder-based anti-theft system for the 1996 model year, more than 100 million vehicles have been produced for the North American market incorporating transponder technology. The majority of these vehicles are equipped with fixed and cryptographic transponders that can be cloned using specialized equipment.

The Jet Hardware Mfg. Corp. Smart Clone + Crypto is an automotive key transponder identifying and electronic duplicating machine. The Smart Clone + Crypto can detect, read and clone or program specific models of Phillips, Megamos, Temic, and Texas Instruments fixed value automotive transponders as well as the Texas Instruments Crypto chip. Weighing less than 2 pounds, Smart Clone is equipped with a 20-character, two-line liquid crystal display, an On/Off switch, “Write” and “Read” buttons, key slot, USB port and serial port. The Smart Clone + Crypto is powered by a 9-volt external power supply. The USB port and the serial port enable the Smart Clone to be updated and upgraded. The most recent version of the Smart Clone firmware is version 10.02.

Jet Hardware recently introduced the Jet Crypto Upgrade. When the Smart Clone is equipped with the Jet Crypto Upgrade, it can clone specific cryptographic transponder-equipped automotive keys. This upgrade increases the Smart Clone’s cloning ability to include specific automotive cryptographic transponders from Chrysler, Ford, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota.
The Jet Crypto electronic (transponder) keys are two-part keys. One part is the blade with an attaching “U”-shaped mount. The second part is the SCH-2 head, which contains the electronic circuit board and a sealed long-life battery. These electronic keys do not contain a transponder. The circuit board mimics the operation of a transponder.

There are ten different keyway blades. Each blade is the operating portion of a key that is cut to the vehicle’s bitting in order to operate the mechanical lock mechanism.

The Jet cloning procedure for the cryptographic transponders is different from cloning fixed-value transponder equipped keys. The cryptographic transponder requires reading the customer’s key to determine the “incode,” a 26-digit number that appears on the Smart Clone display.

The “incode” is sent to the Crypto super computer via Internet capable personal computer or cellular telephone SMS (Short Message Service) text message. Within approximately two to ten minutes (depending upon method), the “outcode” is received. Using either a personal computer or the Smart Clone, the 26-character “outcode” is programmed into the electronic key. Once the “outcode” has been programmed into the compatible Jet transponder electronic key, the key is ready to be cut and used.
Note: Programming a crypto transponder equipped key using a personal computer is faster and easier than programming the same key using text messaging. However, not many locksmiths have Internet access in their service vehicles.

For this article, we will program a Chrysler Y160-PHT key using the Jet Y160-N-B blade and the SCH-2 head. The Smart Clone also can clone transponder keys including Chrysler original keys, A 1 Security Manufacturing Y160S-PT, Barnes (Curtis) C21424, Bianchi BY-160-PT, HATA Y160-HPT, Ilco Y160-PT, and STRATTEC 692325.

To clone a Jet Y160-PHT Chrysler transponder key:

Step 1. Connect the external power supply to the Smart Clone. The name Smart Clone and Rel. 10.02 should appear on the display.

Step 2. Insert key to be cloned.

Step 3. The machine will ask if you want to continue or erase keys in memory. There were five keys in memory. Press “Read” to continue.

Step 4. The machine will ask you to insert the key and press “Read.” The Chrysler Y160-PHT key will display as “TEXAS CRYPTO 2 TC04”. Press “Read”.

Step 5. Press “Read” again.  The Smart Clone lists the value in hexadecimal for this transponder as “7E FF 0011 217D5A FF.”

Step 6. Press “Read.” The Smart Clone asks if you want to “GENERATE INCODE?” Press “Read” again. The incode appears as four groups of six digits each.

For this Chrysler key the incode was:
06:       00000 00191 29201  04449
This incode is then sent via SMS text messaging to the Crypto super computer.

Note: To simplify texting the 26 digits, most cell phones' text messaging can be set to numbers only. This eliminates scrolling through the alphabet for each number.

Step 7. Enter the 26 numbers into the text message with no spaces and no colon (:), making sure to include the leading 2 digits (i.e.: 06)

Step 8. Dial 347-744-1233. Once the message has been sent, the outcode will appear within approximately three minutes. For this article, the turnaround for the outcode was approximately one and one-half minutes.

The outcode for this key is    
06        25AC   265D   F6B8 A324   ECD1  CEF1
Step 9. Remove the Y160-PHT and insert the electronic key, the Y160-N-PHT.

Step 10. Press the “Write” key and the display will ask “PROG. CRYPTO KEY? RD=NO WR=YES”. Press “Write.”

Step 11. The display will ask “INSERT OUTCODE PRESS WRITE.”

Press “Write”. The display will have 26 zeros in six groups of four and a starting group of two. Pressing “Read” scrolls through the numbers from zero to nine and the letters A-F. When the correct character appears, press “Write” to move to the next. Continue until all 26 characters have been entered, matching the outcode in the text message.

Step 12. Press and hold the “Write” button for 2-3 seconds to program the key. If the code is correct, the display will indicate SUCCESSFUL WRITING. If the outcode is incorrect, the display will indicate WRONG OUTCODE. Press “Write” to return to the previous screen and make corrections as necessary.

Additional copies can be easily programmed by placing an additional Y160-N-PHT into the Smart Clone machine and pressing the “Write” button again within 20-30 seconds.
When the key has been properly programmed, make the mechanical cuts and test the operation.

The following 10 key blades available for the Jet Crypto heads: .
Chrysler: Y160-N-PHT
Ford: H90-N-PHT
Kia: KK7-N-PHT
Lexus: TR60-N-PHT
Mazda: MZ34-N-PHT
Mitsubishi: MIT12-N-PHT, MIT13-N-PHT
Nissan: DA34-N-PHT
Subaru: SR8-N-PHT
Toyota: TR51-N-PHT

IMPORTANT: The circuitry in the Jet electronic keys may not be detectable using existing handheld transponder key detecting equipment.
The Jet Y160-N-PHT key is equipped with a removable key bow. To remove the key bow from the key blade, insert the blade into a vise. Use a cloth to protect the blade from being damaged. Insert a screwdriver blade into the key ring opening. Pull up on the screwdriver. The key bow will slide off. Replacement key bows and key blades can be purchased separately.
The Jet Hardware electronic keys have a 10-year battery warranty.
For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Jet Hardware Manufacturing Corp. at 800 Hinsdale Street, Brooklyn, NY 11207 Telephone 718-257-9600 Fax 718-257-0973 Website: