Trilogy Family Grows Again

The new PDL5300 features a double-sided keypad with PIN-code and HID reader access on both sides of the door, granting direction-specific access for up to 2000 users. Trilogy locks also now boast residency and privacy features.

My unit had an intermittent connection to the servo. Depending on where in the sequence the circuit opened; the lock would stay in that part of the sequence: always locked or always unlocked, or a little of both.

I fixed the connection and the connection to the servo and the Trilogy was as good as new! Remember my story whenever you're troubleshooting a servo type standalone and maybe it will help.



1-          Try to determine the model of the unit you are troubleshooting. Bring programming sheets for all the models if you are in doubt.

2-          Check the batteries first. Bring your meter and five ‘AA' batteries. I usually replace the batteries, and then measure the ones I removed afterwards. Default the unit while you're changing the batteries. Be sure you know how you want the client wants the unit to operate when it's programmed.

3-          Reprogram it and observe.



Alarm Lock's three latest product releases are examples of this technological leadership.

The Residency Feature helps the end-user from unintentionally locking themselves out of their premises.

The Privacy Feature (“The Intruder”) allows the Trilogy to be shut down from within the protected area. This feature is ideal for classroom applications where it is desirable for an instructor to be able to lockdown a classroom without having to open the door, which is the situation with conventional mechanical classroom function locksets. The Trilogy affords the additional benefit of never having to leave the door in an unlocked condition, since the unit will allow the enrollment of each user (student) authorized to enter the area being protected. The Privacy feature has two modes, adding to its usefulness and flexibility.

The PDL 5300 features a double-sided keypad with PIN-code access on both sides of the door. It can accommodate up to 2000 users, and the audit trail can record 40,000 events, including indicating the direction of access.

The unit has a real time clock which can schedule user groups and locking and unlocking; that it has a remote release feature, and it has an on board relay output which can be used as an example to disarm an alarm system.

The Alarm Lock Trilogy DL System is a series of microprocessor-based programmable keypad entry security locks. The DL4100 and DL4500 combine an electronic keypad card reader and programmable real-time clock with a standalone mechanical lock, enabling the locksmith to suit the most exacting security requirements.

TRILOGY® Privacy / Residency Locks are ideal anywhere temporary sessions of privacy are required such as single-occupancy restrooms, dressing rooms, executive offices, confidential file rooms and darkrooms. They are available in cylindrical or mortise models in five finishes:

DL4100/PDL4100 – Cylindrical PIN Code Only or PIN Prox Privacy/Residency Lock

DL4500/PDL4500 – Mortise PIN Code Only or PIN/ Prox Privacy/Residency Lock



2,000 PIN or PIN/ Prox user codes with multilevel security - master, manager, supervisor, basic users and one-time service code. Total user lockout code. Keypad lockout after numerous attempts to “guess” codes.

Users are individually programmed to use a PIN or card only (PDL- prox models), or for the highest security - both card and code.

Total user lockout code. Keypad lockout after numerous attempts to “guess” codes.

Up to 40,000-event Audit Trail with printed time/date-stamped log of all electronic activity can be reported from the lock, including user entry, unlock/lock events, program mode changes, user entry, keypad lockout, remote release events, unauthorized code attempts, etc., by using the AL-IR1 (infrared printer), the AL-DTM (data transfer module) or PCI2 (PC interface). Program data transferred to lock via AL-PCII (PC interface) or (AL-DTMII data transfer module).

“First-Manager-in” controls three (3) different features: Passage mode, group of users and relay options

Programmable Form C Relay functions for schedules of manual control of CCTV, lighting, ambush function, alarm system, etc.

Iconic bilingual Privacy and Residency Instructional Signs supplied with lock For use on inside door to give operational use, in English and Spanish language.

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