Bridging The Gap Between Mechanical Master Keying And Electronic Access Control

Medeco Logic offers most of the functionality of more sophisticated access control systems, like scheduling, audit trails, and the ability to easily add and delete user keys. However, Logic installs without any wiring, door or frame modifications or...

A new electromechanical lock from Medeco High Security Locks challenges the notion that every lock product available in today's security market has to fit into either a mechanical security grouping or an electronic access control grouping. Medeco's Logic platform consists of digital cylinders...

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Logic cylinders are available in the same cylinder formats as Medeco3 mechanical cylinders and use standard Medeco cams and tailpieces. Although Logic cylinders are not UL437 rated, an optional hardened steel nose is available for superior resistance to drill attacks. Logic's mechanical design uses segments, which are similar to pins, that position radially around the plug in response to the cuts on the key blade. The correct positioning of the pinning segments allows a sidebar mechanism to cam into the plug in response to the rotation of the plug by the user. An actuator and motor that release only when an authorized key is presented control an additional blocking pin. The cylinder derives power completely from the key, which is uses a common watch-style battery (CR2025).

Whether the end-user wants to specify access times for key holders or simply monitor who is accessing or trying to access doors and when, Logic's software enables the security dealer or end-user to program permissions and schedules to keys or to cylinders.

Additional cylinder technical features include:

• 1,000 authorized keys in 1,000 groups can be programmed per cylinder

• Ability to track up to 750 events

• Cylinder fits narrowstile doors

• Available in most standard finishes



The Logic product line features CLIQ-brand microchips in the key and cylinder. The CLIQ microchip is proprietary to ASSA ABLOY and provides the platform's intelligence. Although several ASSA ABLOY companies use CLIQ, Logic is completely differentiated by its unique engineering design and Medeco's strict quality controls, core manufacturing competencies, customer service, technical support, and warranty standards.

For added security and control, the electronics in Logic are proprietary to every system. Closed architecture ensures that unauthorized credentials can't be obtained through third-party providers and that no two systems or credentials are the same. Communication between the credential and the cylinder is contact-based, which eliminates the possibility of wireless intercept, and all key cutting and coding are factory controlled.

An additional security advantage Logic offers over traditional security technology relates to masterkeys .

“Because Logic uses digital masterkeying , it eliminates the traditional limitations associated with mechanical masterkeying ,” Zuckerwar explains. “For example, with a mechanical system, there's a masterkey and then other keys issued on a hierarchy that work only on certain locks in the system. The weakness here is that certain people, if they're high enough in the hierarchy, will inadvertently have keys to areas that they're not authorized to have access to. With Logic's digital masterkeying , there is no hierarchy. Instead there's a matrix and a true one-to-one relationship of key to door, which means that any key can be programmed to work or not work on any specific door.”

Another added advantage over traditional mechanical systems occurs when a key is lost. One lost key renders an entire mechanical system vulnerable to a security breach. With Logic, however, if a key is lost or stolen that key is simply deactivated from the system electronically, thereby eliminating the threat.

“And with Logic, a security professional can reprogram a cylinder in seconds whereas with a mechanical cylinder, re-pinning it would often take 15 minutes or more,” Zuckerwar added.



Logic is only available to authorized Medeco dealers. It is supported by company training that includes complete factory certification in product and software knowledge, as well as sales and service. Additional training is conducted at milestones as dealers develop their markets.

“Our dealers have taken training very seriously,” Zuckerwar said. “Every new Logic system sold requires that the dealer know how to use the software to build an electronic site survey and to manage the system after installation. They understand that the software leverages their time and expands their expertise.”

Because Logic uses proprietary electronics – and every system is unique – there is no inventory to stock. Every order is custom produced at the factory in a short timeframe and programmed specifically to meet each end-user's security needs and requirements. While end-users can reprogram access rights anytime, they can only do so with the use of a programming key and password unique to their system.

“The significant savings in cost and installation time, coupled with the electronic features Logic offers end-users, are driving this new product's popularity to market segments of all types and sizes,” Zuckerwar concludes.

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