How Your Showroom Can Boost Your Profits

A clean showroom stocked with colorful, informative merchandise can add to your bottom line. All you have to do is keep the hooks filled with product.

Padlocks, hasps, chains, cables and other related items are available from a number of manufacturers. Their offer a wide variety of padlocks for residential, commercial, institutional and specialty uses.

Safety lockouts, hasps, cables and chains are available boxed, visual-packed and individually carded to meet the needs of the locksmiths display area. A variety of colorful, informative display boards are also available to give the customer a hands-on experience of using the lock.

Small, medium and large sized padlocks come in a variety of applications. Rekeyable and door key compatible padlocks combine with hasps, lock down cables and other padlock-related products that can be displayed on wall-mounted boards, in clear visual packaging or individually carded.

Combination padlocks are available in a number of small and medium padlock body sizes and work with three or four number wheels to activate the re-settable combination. A new line of smaller-bodied combination locks for use on storage boxes or luggage.

One luggage lock has a special feature that allows the TSA to search the bag without destroying the lock. Once the TSA agent has opened the lock, a special window will change from green to red to notify the bags owner of the search procedure.


Many customers who come in the shop for a duplicate key, new lock or lock repair part have another problem -- a broken door edge or frame that needs repair. A wide variety of door repair, modernization and upgrade items will sell if you put them in front of the customer. If your customer doesn't know you have these items, you may lose the sale to a hardware store even though you have what the customer needs on your shelf in the storeroom. Advertise it, market it and display it.

Various hardware manufacturers offer door repair and re-enforcement items such as Wrap-Around Plates, Remodel Plates, Replacement Strikes, Latch Protectors, Security Strikes, Filler Plates, Scar Plates, Door Stops, Door Pulls, and Push, Pull and Kick Plates.


A well-stocked brochure tower or rack can help you sell product. Make sure the information is correct, if possible without prices, and your company name and information proudly presented. Most brochures and cut sheets are available online directly from the manufacturers.

Whether you print your own literature or use the ready-made material, make sure you stamp or sticker each and every piece with your company logo, phone number, website, email and other critical information. If you want the customer to come back to you, tell them who you are!


Every chance you get to speak to your customer face-to-face is an opportunity to sell. If you see a customer playing with the push button lock while you cut their duplicate keys, mention the product in conversation as they come back to the counter.

If they pick up a safe brochure, ask them if you can offer pricing information or address the features and benefits of different models. Once the conversation is started, utilize your sales abilities to close the sale.


If you understand your customer base and their needs, you can better serve them. Know what they need and know what the local big box store sells. You can't compete with the big box by selling on price. Offer different brands with different features and benefits. Sell what the big box can't – service. You are in the service business, dazzle your customer with your brilliant service and promote it.


Check with your favorite locksmith distributor to see how they can help you sell more products by maximizing your showroom. If your sales increase, it benefits the distributor as well. Your distributor is there to act as the liaison between you and the manufacturer. Get them involved in helping you build your business.

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