How Your Showroom Can Boost Your Profits

A clean showroom stocked with colorful, informative merchandise can add to your bottom line. All you have to do is keep the hooks filled with product.

Exit Alarms: Exit alarms can be self contained or built into an exit device. A corner of your wall space could be devoted to displaying these items. Make sure all are in full working order. Dead batteries or missing keys in a mounted sample can actually kill the sale. A “key trapped” lock cylinder can be used to make sure the operating key remains with the mounted sample.

Keyless Remotes: Keyless remotes and the batteries for keyless remotes are gaining ground in popularity as locksmith sales items. Different mixes of popular remotes are available directly from the manufacturer. Check with your local new car dealer by phone to see how much they charge for these! You can make a decent profit and a satisfied customer by adding these to your showroom.

Transponder Keys & Service: Transponder keys are everywhere. If you've invested in the tools, equipment and inventory to service these items doesn't it make sense to promote that to your customers with a counter display or signage promoting that fact?


The placement of impulse items should not be done haphazardly; many companies have probably spent millions, if not billions of dollars over the years to find out the better places to locate items for maximum sales opportunities. Most people will act on impulse if given the chance. With the milk in the back of the store, customers have to walk all the way to the rear, passing thousands of items and all the way back to the front, passing even more.

Impulse sales happen if the thought process is triggered. If the checkout lane had empty shelves, most people wouldn't think of buying. Impulse sales work!

Locksmith stores are not as big as markets, so placement of items will not have the same affect. However, unlike the products markets sell, locksmith related products can be “touchy-feely” which can cause your customers to stop and touch the items of curiosity.


In addition to plain keys, a number of companies have emerged offering specialty or decorative keys. Choices include the images or logos of hundreds of cartoon characters, college and professional sports teams, racecar drivers, flags, floral patterns, etc.

Individual flat panel and three-sided counter top display racks are available to promote the items to your customers. Rotating displays are available in a variety of configurations including individually carded keys.

Stand-up display racks are available for different types to promote the items to your customers. The durable baked finish is colorful and eye-catching. All of the designs are available in the common Schlage and Kwikset keyways, with some patterns offering additional choices in Master and Weiser and other key sections.

High quality brass keys are adorned with a variety of popular designs including various national flags, rainbows, sunsets, animal designs and more.

Key manufacturers offer a different approach to the specialty key market that doesn't rely on a painted finish. A wide selection of key designs is available in the common SC1-Schlage and KW1-Kwikset key sections. These high quality nickel-plated brass keys are adorned with a variety of popular images set into the head of the key.

The plastic-coated insert contains one of hundreds of full color pictures, logos, designs, drawings and messages. In addition to the manufactured selection, personalized versions are also available. Customized to meet your needs, company logos, personal photos and messages can be had through special order.


Key accessories include key rings, key fobs, key tags, etc. Whenever a customer gets a key cut, there is the opportunity to add to that sale with related products.

Product choices include: File-A-Key racks designed for the file cabinet, wall mount or portable file box, Key Cabinet Tags, Key Separator, Quick Clip, House Key Caps, Colored Split Rings, Key Saver, Rock Key Hider and C-Clips. Key Lights, House-Head Keys, Key Caps, Key Snaps, Magnetic Key Holders, Key Floats, Photo Key Holders, Secure-A-Key Clips and Wrist Coils are offered.

Merchandising systems include wall-mounted displays, rotating floor rack displays, counter displays and jar displays combine with individually carded items to give the customer an almost unlimited choice of affordable products.


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