How Your Showroom Can Boost Your Profits

A clean showroom stocked with colorful, informative merchandise can add to your bottom line. All you have to do is keep the hooks filled with product.

Take advantage of your showroom to make more money. Many locksmiths have already learned this lesson. The ability to use the space you have to increase your sales is a natural.

This is free space. You're already paying rent or a mortgage for the square footage; so let it work for you. Why should you have a front customer area clogged with broken safes, piles of junk locks, UPS shipments and empty, dusty shelves?

In my position as an account manager for Clark Security Products, I visit hundreds of locksmith shops and security centers throughout the Midwest . I can state that less than 20 percent of these shops utilize their showroom to its full potential.

Give the waiting customers a clean, inviting showroom and something to look at, play with and think about. A clean floor, fresh paint and a little investment in mounted samples will draw comments like “I didn't know you sold these,” “Does this fit my key?” and “How does this work?” Each comment or question is an opportunity to open additional lines of communication with your customer. Increasing the opportunity to sell new products and/ or services or to up-sell for convenience or a higher level of security.

Look at some common items that will prompt your customer to add to the sales total they walked in to make. Personal safes, locking mailboxes, spray lubricant, padlocks, key accessories, key cabinets, key lockers and cam and cabinet lock display boards will help sell product. Mounted lock hardware displays will fit on most counters, shelves or back walls. Lock related product posters are can give your customers insight into additional products or services. Remember, these types of advertisements can be used to educate your customers.

For this article, I will deal with both bigger ticket items that may not fall under the ‘impulse buying' umbrella and the smaller less expensive impulse items. When you consider re-merchandising you company, contact your locksmith wholesaler and find out what services and assistance they can provide.


Progressive lock shops will use unconventional items set up as displays. Any shop on a busy street with a large window can sell safes 24 hours a day by mounting a polished safe or multiple safe display in the window and lighting it up at night with a floodlight. People in the cars driving at night by will soon associate safes with your shop. Even when you're closed, the message comes across.

Small personal safes are available in various sizes to accommodate laptop computers, cash trays and other personal items. Many will come in a merchandising box that is colorful and informative. Create a pyramid display of these and offer a brand not sold at your local big box store.

Other larger safes can be set and stacked in a variety of swirl, cascade or step patterns to create an attractive, inviting display. Use a bright red or blue curtain as a background to the gray, black and tan safes.

Be sure each safe is marked with a model number, dimensions, specifications and price. Some locksmiths set all display safes on 50 so they can be quickly opened for an interested customer.

CCTV: Closed-Circuit Television is not an impulse item. If you offer a working camera and monitor in your showroom, people will immediately watch themselves on the monitor and be aware that you sell this type of product.

Access Control: A working card reader and electric strike mounted sample on your counted can invite customers to “Try Me!” with a little signage. Push button standalone locks will also get the customer to touch, feel and interact with the product. Be sure all mounted samples are in good working order and have strong batteries.

Door Closers & Panic Bars: A sample door or wall mount can be used to display a rim exit device or surface mounted door closer. A cut down version of a surface mounted vertical rod device can also be displayed in minimal space.

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