Adjusting an HPC 1200 SERIES MACHINE

Listen to what your key machine is saying. A higher than normal sound during cutting or hard to remove shavings on finished keys are indications that the cutter wheel needs replacing.

Once tip stop spacing is verified, the next step is to check shoulder stop spacing. The HPC key machine department recommends using Schlage original keys for this procedure. Insert a Schlage key with original cuts into jaw ‘A'. Use the Schlage C45 code card and a 14MC cutter blade. Move the spacing dial to the cut nearest the bow. Move the carriage inward until the cutter blade is almost touching the key cut. Check to see if the cutter blade is exactly centered in the key cut.

If the cutter blade is not centered in the key cut, loosen the Schlage key and move it in the vise jaw until the key cut is properly aligned with the first cut, then retighten the vise jaw. Next, loosen the Allen screw which retains the shoulder gauge shaft. The shaft is threaded. Once loosened, the shaft can be rotated to move the shoulder gauge left or right as needed. When in correct alignment, the shoulder gauge should barely touch the key shoulder as it is swung into position. When complete, retighten the Allen head screw onto the shaft.

The final step is depth adjusting. Start with an uncut key blank.   A Schlage key blank is normally used at HPC for this procedure. Using the correct C45 code card, move the carriage to the space nearest the bow and cut a “5” depth. A Schlage “5” depth is .260, which is very easy to determine when using a caliper or key decoder. Two large diameter rods extend from the right side of the vise carriage. The top rod is used for depth adjusting. This rod is milled on an eccentric. When looking at the end of the shaft from the right side of the machine, clockwise rotation will provide a deeper reading, while counterclockwise rotation will provide a shallower reading.

The shaft offset allows a 90-degree movement in either direction which provides an adjustment of   either +.015 or -.015. Therefore if the “5” Schlage cut on your machine was .255 or .265, a shaft rotation of approximately 30 degrees will bring the machine to a .260 depth. This may take some experimentation and several cuts on the key, but should be accomplished very quickly. Retighten the shaft Allen screw when finished.

HPC also has a calibration kit (CMB-CK) which includes a smooth blade disc plus a calibration card and key. Instructions are included for checking machine accuracy.    

There are many new jaws, tip stops, cutters and other accessories available to make your HPC 1200 series code machine even more important to your daily business. Check with your local locksmith distributor or contact HPC on the internet at    



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