The electronically controlled Tri-Code H.S. machine simplifies duplication or origination of sidewinder keys while quickly producing accurate keys to factory specifications.

If the key code is unknown, bitting cuts can be directly entered into the Tri-Code H.S. Begin by sourcing the correct model and key blank information on the LED screen. Each series shows the amount of ‘tracks' and wafer tumblers used by each series. An example might be (4T-8W), indicating a 4 track key with 8 spaces per side. Once the correct amount of bitting cuts is input, the Tri-Code will originate a key in the same manner as cutting a key by code.

Duplicating or originating keys for sidewinder locks can be a profitable addition to your business. As example, the charge for a duplicate 9-3 Saab key at a local Chicago car dealer is $250.   

Most of the sidewinder keys in use today also incorporate some kind of transponder security, so you must also be prepared with the proper transponder programming equipment.

Either check the www.kaba-ilco.com website to learn more about the Tri-Code H.S., TKO, EZ-Clone and the full line of transponder key blanks from Kaba-Ilco , or check with your local locksmith distributor for more information.      

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