Marks USA Meets Consumer Demand For Patented Key Control

Marks' Tri-Level options include the UL-437 high security cylinder, a non-UL cylinder that still offers pick and bump resistance and the economical Security-Mate pin tumbler cylinder that may be operated by the same patented key.

Marks USA has also helped “seed the market” for distributors and locksmiths by including the Non-UL Hi-Security Cylinder as “standard” in the I- Que Standalone Access Control Unit. This means future business potential for locksmiths. You can either service the D-001 Commercial Keyway customer providing additional cut keys or simply change the security pins and convert to your assigned security code.

With no expensive key machine, no expensive pin kit to buy and an easy-to- service cylinder in vehicle or store bench, and a minimal learning curve, all locksmiths who are “changing locks” now have a chance to upgrade to patented key control “on the fly” without having to invest heavily.

We asked Joey Dalessio about the prospects for locksmiths in 2008 selling patented key control and high security and what locksmiths can do about it. “Perhaps consumer awareness on security has never been higher,” says Dalessio. “This is opening the door for greater sales by locksmiths. People change their locks for reasons that have withstood the test of time, such as when they move into a new home or business, when they lose or have keys stolen or when employees or domestic partners leave. The economy will not affect many of these life situations so the prospects remain high. The question is when the telephone rings, will locksmiths simply “change the locks” as requested or will they inform the customer about upgrades to higher security? We truly believe what Marks USA has provided will make it easier for locksmiths to offer options. In a call to action, I'd say never fail to offer more security to your customer…it is the responsible thing to do!”

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